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11 Mar, 2024

5 Common Struggles of Gifted and Talented Students

2024-03-18T09:15:23-05:00Monday, March 11, 2024|Learning Environment, Student Health, Tenney Subscribers|

Gifted and talented students are often the envy of their peers and naturally succeed in an academic setting. However, these gifts are not without their pitfalls. Exceptional students need emotional and social support to make sure they take care of themselves as well as reach their maximum potential. These needs can sometimes fall through the [...]

20 Mar, 2017

The Benefits of Customized Curriculum

2017-05-18T17:39:10-05:00Monday, March 20, 2017|Education Info, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

From the driven child who wishes for nothing more than to please his teachers and parents, to the laid-back child who is happy to simply go with the flow, every student has his or her own learning style and pace. On top of the various personality traits found within any given classroom, there is also [...]

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