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6 Aug, 2018

One Success Story at a Time: The Power of One-on-One

2018-08-06T08:56:21-05:00Monday, August 6, 2018|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

The tool you use to measure is going to determine what kind of results you get. If all you have a is a thermometer, you're going to measure the temperature. If all you have is a ruler, you're going to measure the length. Sometimes, the limitations of our measurements can cause us to miss out [...]

10 May, 2017

5 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Middle School

2017-05-18T17:39:09-05:00Wednesday, May 10, 2017|Parents, Tenney Subscribers, Transition Between Schools|

The transition from elementary to middle school is incredibly difficult for many students. Instead of the nurturing elementary school environment where students were allowed more freedom to play, middle school students face a variety of new circumstances: around eight teachers, instead of one or two; becoming one of around 150 students that their teacher sees [...]

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