7 Oct, 2021

Invasion or Protection? The Pros and Cons of Drug Testing Your Child

2021-10-07T06:58:56-05:00Thursday, October 7, 2021|Education Info, Parents, Student Health|

It is no secret that drug use is a widespread concern, not only for adults but for young people as well. As it becomes increasingly normal to use drugs in high school and maybe even younger, parents and teachers are doing what they can to fight this pandemic. Many parents have found that at-home drug testing [...]

8 Apr, 2019

Trust Your Kids: The Harm of Too Much Parent Intervention

2019-04-08T16:05:49-05:00Monday, April 8, 2019|News, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

By now, you've surely seen the headlines about the "Varsity Blues" scandal. The world is reacting with equal parts shock, anger, and mockery to the list of highly-connected (and sometimes famous) parents who lied, cheated, and scammed to get their children into competitive college programs. Once we move past the legal and moral issues of [...]

27 Feb, 2017

9 Strategies for Helping Your Child with Homework

2021-01-08T14:43:17-06:00Monday, February 27, 2017|Education Info, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

When you’re committed to your child’s academic success, you know that supporting their learning at home is critical. Providing help with homework is part of a parent’s most critical responsibilities. Unfortunately, many parents might not know how to successfully help their children with homework. These key strategies will make it easier to get your [...]

9 Jan, 2017

The Unfortunate Phenomenon Known as “No-Mistake Parenting”

2017-05-18T17:39:11-05:00Monday, January 9, 2017|Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

In the past several years, a very competitive way of parenting has been born. Because our job market is so competitive, many parents find it necessary to push their children to be the best at everything they do. This is especially true when it comes to academics. Children are expected to make perfect grades and [...]

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