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9 Jan, 2024

6 Strategies to Help Students Who Struggle with Writing

2023-12-06T09:58:44-06:00Tuesday, January 9, 2024|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Parents, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

Teachers mention over and over again how this generation of students struggle with writing. While it's a frustrating challenge, in many cases, it's not their fault. These students have grown up in an age where long-form communication is rarely required. Most students value short communications--snaps, texts, and memes, for example--over longer-form discourse--and may not [...]

8 Feb, 2022

What You Can Do When Your Child Is Struggling With Writer’s Block

2022-02-08T07:28:18-06:00Tuesday, February 8, 2022|Education Info, Learning Environment, Learning Strategies|

Writing a research paper is no easy task, and it is something that takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Because of this, it is important that your child knows what steps to follow in order to write a successful research paper. Thankfully, there are certain things that they can do to write a [...]

14 Nov, 2020

Study Finds Only 27% of Middle & High School Students Proficient in Writing: How to Make Sure Your Child Excels

2020-11-14T11:00:51-06:00Saturday, November 14, 2020|Education Info, Learning Strategies|

The ability to communicate through the written word represents one of the central tenets of a good education. Yet, students in the United States, from grade school to seniors in high school, fall short when it comes to writing proficiency. NAEP or National Report Card represents the most comprehensive ongoing assessment tool for all topics. The [...]

14 Mar, 2018

Help Students Who Struggle with Essay Writing

2019-02-19T08:46:48-06:00Wednesday, March 14, 2018|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Parents, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

In a world of snaps, tweets, and texts, it's no wonder many students struggle with writing. In an academic environment, this is particularly frustrating for students and teachers alike. Students often struggle to express themselves in the long-form fashion expected in school, while teachers lament the difficulties involved when helping students who struggle with writing [...]

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