Why Choose Us?

It’s as simple as 1+1.  We offer a one student to one teacher ratio. That means your child will receive tailored learning with personalized mentoring, one lesson at a time. We call this, the Power of One.

The world has changed significantly since we were kids. It’s now faster, stronger, and smarter than ever. Competition for excellence has never been greater. If you want your child to have a head start in life, come discover the Power of One.  Traditional classrooms provide a level playing field at best along with plenty of obstacles for hindering advanced achievement. And that’s really not good enough for parents who want their children to be better than average.

So the question is, what competitive edge do you want your child to have in today’s world? At The Tenney School, we offer the Power of One, a custom-made education that supports accelerated performance and knocks down any obstacles along the way.

Our one student to one teacher ratio is the shortest distance between your child’s education and excellence. And every day, we focus on one success story at a time. Come visit us at The Tenney School and discover the Power of One.


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The Tenney Difference:

The Tenney School is a Private School Fully Invested in Each Student’s Success

The primary distinction of The Tenney School is the amount of individual attention provided each student. Through our one-to-one classrooms, teachers will know and understand the academic qualities of each student. The coursework will be tailored to match the needs and abilities of each student.

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The Power of One:

Through our 1-to-1 classrooms, our students all receive individual attention from his/her teacher. This is a powerful thing. It means that each student matters to our teachers and allows us to deliver “One Success Story at a Time.”

Tailored Learning

No two students learn the same.  Our teachers get to know each of their students to develop an education program perfectly suited to the student.

Personalized Mentoring

Not only will our teachers work to accelerate each student’s learning today, they will help each student develop the skills that will help them achieve the next level of academic achievement.

Custom Made Education

In 1-to-1 classrooms, the academic program can be modified to achieve the student need.  Programs will vary by pace and depth of learning as well as student interest.

One Success Story at a Time

Through Tailored Learning, Personalized Mentoring, and a Custom Made Education, our teachers are able to help all students succeed.

The Tenney Results:

Everything she learned at The Tenney School has prepared her to succeed in high school. She is the student she is because of you guys!”

Class of 2023 Parent

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me…Your school allowed me to grow as a learner and as a survivor.”

Class of 2019 Student

The majority of his teachers have been an inspiration and a model to him.”

Class of 2020 Grandparent

Having that connection with your teacher allows you to establish a more impactful learning experience.”

Class of 2021 Student

I have seen a significant improvement in my son’s attitude towards school now that he feels good about his grades.”

Class of 2020 Parent

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