Supply List

Class school supplies vary from teacher to teacher. During the first few meeting each semester, teachers will provide students a list of what is expected in each class. There is not a proscribed school supply list for Tenney School students.  

Dress Code

The Tenney School dress code is established to instill discipline, teach hygiene, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, and prepare each student for future employability.  Any clothing or grooming that may reasonably be expected to cause disruption or interference with normal school operations will not be allowed.

The student code is as follows:

  • Excessively torn jeans or ragged clothes are not allowed.
  • Shorts (including gym shorts), dresses or skirts should be fingertip length.
  • Clothing items with provocative or drug related pictures, slogans advertising alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, vulgar language, satanic symbols, or violence may not be worn.
  • No baggy clothing or pajama bottoms are permitted. Students are prohibited from wearing garments that sag below the waistline. Pants or shorts must fit properly at the waist.
  • Muscle shirts, tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, net or sheer tops, spandex tops, plunging necklines, and tops exposing the midriff are unacceptable.
  • Male students are not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts or earrings.
  • For safety and health reasons, no bare feet, house shoes, or flip-flops of any kind are permitted.
  • Students with tattoos and hennas must keep them covered.
  • Pierced jewelry may be worn in the ear only and must not be of distraction to the educational setting.
  • Hair must be neat, clean, and well groomed.  No extreme haircuts, wigs, or unnatural hair colors allowed.

Summer Reading List

The side links show the required books for this summer reading. Students are required to read the book (or books) for the grade level they will be entering in the fall. These books are available at local bookstores, including Half Price Books, and libraries. Students will write or be tested on their reading in English class during the first week of school.

Summer School

The Tenney School offers one interim session and one summer session each year. Students can enroll in up to two courses in each session for remediation, credit, and/or enrichment. Courses offered during summer school include most middle and high school math, science, history, and/or English.

Summer sessions are taught one-to-one, and students meet three times a day with their teacher. Students will be scheduled for a class from 8am-11pm, or 11pm-2pm each day.

Please call for information or to schedule your student.