The Tenney School is a great place for international students. Our one-to-one learning environment is ideal for students adjusting to American curriculum, including students still improving English. We work with students who have just immigrated to America, students with parents temporarily in the US on work Visas (expatriates) transferred from overseas with parents, and students in the US on Student (F-1) Visas.

In addition to the normal admissions steps, there are a few additional steps required for international students requesting an I-20/F-1 Visa.

Campus Visits:

The best way to understand our One-to-One Learning Environment is to come for a visit. International students already in Houston can schedule a tour online or contact the school office to schedule a School Tour. Tours are generally scheduled for 10am, and include an overview of the program, a tour of the campus, and an opportunity to share information about your child with our school. The School Tour generally takes one hour.

Schedule a Private Tour

Student Interview/Shadow There are three ways students can satisfy the requirements for an admission interview:

  • Student Tour: Schedule a time to attend a personal tour at the school. A portion of the tour will be reserved for the students interview.
  • Student Shadow: Scheduled from 9:30AM-12PM
  • Online Interview: Students away from Houston can complete the Student Interview using online video-teleconferencing.
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Complete an Application Families can open an application for admission at any time in the process. You will create and account and can complete the application in about 15 minutes. There is both a parents and student questionnaire in the application. You will be asked to attached the below documents to the application:

  • 2 Years of Report Cards (in English)
  • Standardized Test Scores (we will accept a variety of tests, to include: TOEFL, IELTS, ISEE, PSAT, etc)
  • Educational Evaluation (if applicable)

* In lieu of the normal paperwork associated with an application, The Tenney School may use other documents as needed to properly assess students for admission such as teacher recommendations, translated grades, information of current schooling, etc.)

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American Curriculum Most international students will require some adjustment to the scope and sequence of coursework in the American system. Teachers at The Tenney School can accelerate this adjustment by speeding past concepts already mastered and reteaching concepts new to international studdents.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Many international students coming to The Tenney School are also English Language Learners (ELL)/ESL students.  The Tenney School has an ESL program which both provides sheltered instruction in subjects where grade level work is not yet possible, and additinal English language instruction to accelerate English acquisition. Click here for more information of The Tenney School ESL Program.

Additional Procedures for Students Requesting an I-20/F-1 Visa:

The Tenney School has been approved issue the I-20 Form so that students can obtain a Student Visa (F-1). The I-20 Supplement contains the additional procedures which will be followed to issue an I-20.

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Enrollment Panel Once the above steps are complete, The Tenney School Enrollment Panel will meet to assess the candidate for enrollment.  Student Acceptances will be emailed to students accepted for enrollment.  Steps required to complete enrollment will be included in the Student Acceptance email.