Stay Ahead This Summer With

One-to-One Instruction

Classes Start: May 20th – July 5th

  • Flexible scheduling means students can schedule courses to fit around their summer schedule. Our summer courses will run over the six weeks from May 20th to July 5th.  Students can pick the three weeks during that time they are available for class to complete a semester of material. You will pick the weeks you are available during course registration.
  • The format of classes will be flexible for the students. Classes can be taken In-Person, Online using Tenney School Live, or a combination of the two. This format flexibility means students do not necessarily have to be in Houston to take courses.
  • Courses can be taken for Credit or for Enrichment. For credit class records will follow state guidelines and be included in a student’s high school record. Enrichment courses can be tailored to cover a particular topics of interest or areas of improvement for the student.

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