Since 1973, The Tenney School has been a fantastic place for students to receive an individualized academic program.  In our one-to-one classroom we have seen many students attain academic performance well beyond what they could accomplish in a traditional classroom school.  Unfortunately, the tuition required to attend a one-to-one classroom school has made The Tenney School unaffordable for many students. This is the reason we have created the Tenney Scholarship.  Now, both new and returning students will have access to financial assistance to attend The Tenney School.

The Tenney Scholarship Committee will meet each spring to allocate available scholarship funds to deserving applicants.  There may be instances throughout the year where additional scholarship funds may be available.  Students desiring consideration who missed the initial spring scholarship award should contact the school office to determine if additional scholarship funds may be available.

How to Apply

If you have previously considered placing your child at The Tenney School, but found the cost slightly prohibitive, we would like to invite you to apply for the Tenney Scholarship.

This is a highly selective scholarship that we give to deserving children who we think will benefit the most from the nurturing environment at The Tenney School.

To apply, please click on the adjacent button and download a copy of the scholarship application form.

Click Here for Scholarship Application