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School Tour

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Student Interview

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Complete an Application

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Admissions Panel

Important Dates For All 2024 – 2025 Applicants

While we are a rolling admissions school, we do have deadlines for all 2024 – 2025 applicants. Please see the full list of important dates below and mark your calendars!

02/23 – Deadline for submitting Your Application

03/08 – Decisions are Sent Out

03/27 – Common Reply Date

Why Choose Us?

We offer one-to-one classes for students in grades 5 – 12. That means your child will receive tailored learning with personalized mentoring. One lesson at a time. We call this, the Power of One. Come see our Power of One in action today!

The Tenney Difference:

The Tenney School is a Private School Fully Invested in Each Student’s Success

The primary distinction of The Tenney School is the amount of individual attention provided to each student. Through our one-to-one classrooms, teachers will know and understand the academic qualities of each student. The coursework will be tailored to match the needs and abilities of each student.

Click on the adjacent video to listen to what our students have to say about their experience here at The Tenney School!

  • See One-to-One Learning in Action! One-to-One instruction has been the core principle of our school for over 50 years! We pride ourselves on our customized and adaptable curriculum.
  • The format of classes will be flexible for the students. We split our day into thirds so our students have core one-to-one learning time, small group time, and homeroom time. All tests are taken during homeroom time as to not takeaway from the one-to-one instruction.
  • A Curriculum Choice For All. We offer full time instruction for both in-person classes as well as online classes via our online school: Tenney School Live

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