Though our school specifies four different levels of curriculum (Honors, Standard, Modified, and English Language Learner), one-to-one instructors factor in each student’s learning strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and needs when working with students. The below table shows the typical progression of subjects from year to year, but specific programming will be tailored for the student’s needs and abilities.

English Science History Math
Eng 6 Sci 6 World History Math 6
Eng 7 Life Sci Texas History Pre-Alg or Math 7
Eng 8 IPC or Earth Sci US History Alg I or Pre-Alg
Eng I Biology World Geography Geom or Alg I
Eng II Chem or Env Sci World History Alg II or Geom
AP Eng III or Eng III Physics or Chem AP US History or US History Pre-Cal or Alg II
AP Eng IV or Eng IV AP Env Sci or Physics US Government & Economics AP Calculus or Pre-Cal