The teachers at The Tenney School are our greatest strength. We hire staff members who are good communicators and possess a heart for kids and their development. Our teachers serve as mentors and role models for their students. Students working closely with teachers with these qualities have the best opportunity for success. All of our teachers possess a Bachelor’s Degree, and 52% of our teachers possess post-graduate degrees from some of the nation’s most esteemed institutions.

Adrienne D'Agostino
Bachelor’s Biology/Music Minor
Master’s Biology
Angela Caracciola
Bachelor’s Psychology
Master’s Counseling
Angela Coggins
Bachelor’s Geological Science
Master’s Geology
Barbara Hughes
Bachelor’s History, English & Education
Master’s Education
Beryl Levy
Bachelor’s Psychology
Master’s Psychology
Carolyn Giannantonio
Bachelor’s English
Debbie Pifer
Bachelor’s English
Denise Siegel
Bachelor’s Elem Education
Master’s Education
Helene Patniyot
Bachelor’s Teaching
Master’s Education
Jana Johnson
Bachelor’s Fine Arts
Janet Ehlinger
Bachelor’s Education
Master’s Education
Jean Fonville
Bachelor’s History
Jill Sticha
Bachelor’s Earth Science & Biology
Master’s Geology
Joanna Kyriakides
Bachelor’s Speech, Pathology & Audiology
Jose Cabrera
Bachelor’s Mathematics
Ph.D. Math
Karen Twist
Bachelor’s English
Katherine Shelfer
Bachelor’s Business
Grad Certificate Math
Kathleen Bethke
Bachelor’s Chemistry & Math
Master’s Physical Chemistry
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry
Lisa Cashiola
Bachelor’s Microbiology/Chem Minor
Lisa McClain
Bachelor’s Sociology/Math Minor
Master’s Math Education
Nancy Franco
Bachelor’s Kinesiology
Master’s Physical Therapy
Nancy Lip
Bachelor’s Mechanical Engineering
Master’s Engineering
Penelope Morrison
Bachelor’s Art/Graphic Design
Ray Watson
Bachelor’s History
Master’s Education
Ph.D. Master of Divinity
Reggy Knowles
Bachelor’s Psychology
Sally Zuar
Bachelor’s Chinese/Environmental Studies
Master’s Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Shawnna Brahier
Bachelor’s Liberal Arts & Social Science/Sociology Minor
Sonia Franco
Bachelor’s Secretarial Certification