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It is important that your child has the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. This allows them to figure out what they enjoy, where they excel, and what they may want to consider pursuing in college. However, it is often tricky to find the balance between too many and too few extracurriculars. Thankfully, there are certain things to take into consideration when finding this balance for your own child. Here’s how to help your child choose extracurriculars without overloading their schedule.

Choose the Extracurriculars Carefully

Before you sign your child up for an extracurricular, take a close look at what it will entail. Having a good understanding of the extracurriculars will help you and your child know what they are signing up for. It will also allow you to carefully discuss whether or not this is a good choice for your child. Is this something that they want to invest their time in?

Don’t Put Pressure on Your Child 

Even if you want your child to participate in a certain extracurricular, don’t put added pressure on them. They are the ones who will actually be doing the extracurriculars. Thus, it is important that they want to do them. You can of course let them know what activities you think would be a good choice for them and why, but you should ultimately leave the decision up to your child, without putting pressure on them to choose what you think is best.

Make a Priority List

Sit down with your child and make a list of their priorities, both in the present and the future. This helps them to pick their extracurriculars with their current and future goals in mind. If something isn’t a priority for them, then they should likely choose a different extracurricular. Taking the time to write out these priorities, and get a visual of them, will help you and your child to discuss and make the best choice.

Consider the Financial Costs

While money shouldn’t be the number one determining factor in what extracurriculars your child is involved in, it is definitely something that needs to be considered. You need to see how much certain activities cost, what your budget is, and go from there. Let your child know that you want them to be involved, but that they need to also understand the financial aspect of things. This gives them a full understanding and helps them to make an informed choice when it comes to their extracurriculars.

Make Sure Your Child Enjoys the Extracurriculars

If your child doesn’t find joy in the activities that they are doing, then they really aren’t worth it. You want your child to enjoy the extracurricular activities that they participate in because this will encourage them to work hard in them, make new friends, and have a much more positive experience overall. This makes the experience one that will help them to grow as a person. It will also be positive for you as the parent.

Help Your Child Choose Extracurriculars Without Overloading Their Schedule

When it comes to helping your child choose their extracurriculars, choose carefully. Indeed, avoid putting pressure on your child, make a priority list with them, consider the financial costs, and ultimately ensure that your child enjoys the activities. To learn more ways to help your child choose extracurriculars without overloading their schedule, or to get help enrolling your child in some excellent extracurriculars today, visit us at The Tenney School.

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