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22 Apr, 2021

The Finals: 9 Study Tips for Students


Every student will tell you the most challenging aspect of learning is the big-semester-end papers or final exams. You have to juggle between studying, remembering, and keeping yourself organized before and during the exams. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to get worried about the finals. Even cool, calm, and collected students get stressed out by [...]

The Finals: 9 Study Tips for Students2021-04-21T07:45:51-05:00
17 Apr, 2021

Gap Year: Is It Time to Consider One or Not?


While many students head straight to college after high school, others want to go through a gap year. This gives them time off academically to figure out what they want for their future. Some travel, while other work odd jobs, trying to figure out what is next for them.  What are the benefits of having [...]

Gap Year: Is It Time to Consider One or Not?2021-04-17T08:09:49-05:00
13 Apr, 2021

Why Your Child Needs a Summer Job


When summer arrives, most parents are confused about whether to get their kids a summer job or not. Keeping your child away from social media and bad company can be a daunting task without the right strategy. A summer job might be the key to ensuring your child remains active and busy. Your child isn't [...]

Why Your Child Needs a Summer Job2021-04-12T08:24:35-05:00
5 Apr, 2021

Will Students and Teachers Be Wearing Masks in Fall 2021?


Now that there is a coronavirus vaccine, people are becoming cautiously optimistic about their lives going forward. Most of us have been working from home, and kids have been learning remotely throughout the pandemic. With an available vaccine, it's possible that kids will return to school in fall 2021. But will they still have to [...]

Will Students and Teachers Be Wearing Masks in Fall 2021?2021-04-05T08:05:35-05:00
3 Apr, 2021

7 Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring


Getting an education is an integral part of becoming a successful adult. Some students struggle with learning in a classroom and need to be taught a different way. This is where tutoring comes in. One-on-one tutoring can be beneficial in many ways. One-on-One Tutoring Is Less Distracting A classroom can be an incredibly distracting environment [...]

7 Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring2021-04-03T08:46:23-05:00
29 Mar, 2021

Six Things That Make a School Great


There are lots of schools across the nation that claim to be great. What does that actually mean, though? Some schools tout impressive test scores or the number of advanced placement classes they offer. Others speak of their educated staff members. Is that really what makes a school great? Here are six things that make [...]

Six Things That Make a School Great2021-03-24T14:54:13-05:00
23 Mar, 2021

Dispelling 5 Myths About the Twice-Exceptional Student


What makes gifted students exceptional? It's not always a higher intelligence or faster problem-solving. Often, children in gifted learning programs are there because they think differently. Some can see three-dimensional shapes unfold in their minds, so they excel at geometry. Alternatively, they have an unusual approach to words which becomes a talent for writing. "Gifted" [...]

Dispelling 5 Myths About the Twice-Exceptional Student2021-03-23T07:10:49-05:00
8 Mar, 2021

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a School


The education your child receives will have a long-lasting impact on their life. Before spring break, many students will hear which schools they have been accepted to and will attend in the next school year. With so many options available to students these days, making a decision can become overwhelming. Understanding the important factors to [...]

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a School2021-03-02T07:28:57-06:00
23 Feb, 2021

7 Ways Parents Can Help to Reduce Student Stress


About 45% of teens said they had felt more stress than usual during COVID-19. This is a clear testimony of the heightened level of stress students are experiencing today. A good number of students are disengaged, some are recording declining performance while others have disappeared from school altogether. The situation has left classroom teachers feeling overwhelmed, [...]

7 Ways Parents Can Help to Reduce Student Stress2021-02-23T14:17:34-06:00
4 Feb, 2021

Should You Consider Summer School for Your Child?


Parents choose to send their children to summer school in order to combat the summer learning loss phenomenon. By the middle school years, students may lose 36% of their reading gains and 50% of math-related gains made during the year over the summer months, when they are out of school and not engaging in learning-related activities. [...]

Should You Consider Summer School for Your Child?2021-02-04T13:36:14-06:00
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