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Unfortunately, bullying is a very real problem in American schools today. No matter the age of your child, they have likely experienced bullying in their school. Whether they have experienced these incidents as a bystander, a victim, or the culprit of the bullying, your child will be impacted by the situation, and the impact is rarely a positive one.

For this reason, it is incredibly important for parents to communicate with their children on the subject of bullying. This helps them understand the proper reactions for next time, and gives them an opportunity to understand exactly what is considered bullying as well as the terrible things that can come of it. It is also a good idea for parents to have a good idea of what happens throughout the child’s day in school, online, and in other social situations. This makes it possible for the guardian to step in should something seem amiss.

That said, the best way to take care of bullying issues is to take steps to make these sorts of incidents as infrequent as possible. Perhaps the most effective step you can take is enrolling your student in a private school. While private schools don’t eradicate the problem, they do have fewer issues with bullies.

Here are the top three reasons private schools see fewer problems with bullying:

Smaller Class Sizes

One of the biggest advantages of private schools is the smaller class sizes. Tiny group classes, combined with plenty of one-on-one learning lead to less unsupervised school time. Individualized learning sessions make negative interactions with peers impossible, and smaller classes lend themselves well to promoting teamwork while still ensuring the instructor can see and hear everything that is happening. Of course, smaller overall student numbers also help in that the school setting is more intimate and tends to create a feeling of family, making rude comments and unnecessary violence less likely to occur.

Highly Focused Students

It’s no secret that private schools tend to have more challenging and interesting curriculum. This is especially true in a one-on-one learning environment where the curriculum is tailored to the student. Because the schoolwork in these institutions is more engaging and because many opportunities for academic comparison are removed in the individualized learning environment, students have a tendency to be highly focused on their own education. This, in turn, means they are less focused on putting one another down. After all, who has time for teasing when their intense science project needs to be finished?

More Parental Involvement

In general, parents who enroll their children in private schools are more likely to be involved in their child’s education. This involvement typically means the students in these schools are having open and honest discussions with their parents at home. Their discussions can help children vent frustrations and give the students a chance to discuss the proper responses to negative social interactions. A supportive family can help a bully change their ways and give victims the confidence they need to handle their problems well. Therefore, more supportive families in your child’s school environment mean less bullying overall.

Whether your child is currently having issues with bullying or you are just trying to be as proactive as possible, the folks here at The Tenney School would be happy to help. We offer high-quality education in a warm and friendly learning environment that we are sure you and your family will love.

We hope you will contact us soon so we can give you a tour of our school and fill you in on all the amazing things one-on-one education can do for your student.

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