About Us

The Tenney School Live is a set of resources and processes used to run The Tenney School online.  It is the same high quality one-to-one based education delivered in a distance learning environment. It is the same teachers, textbooks, and curriculum as The Tenney School, delivered using Microsoft Teams and Office365.

Origin Story

Tenney School Live was launched on March 23, 2020 in response to the Coronavirus Crisis. Because school facilities had been directed to close across the city/state/nation, The Tenney School came back from Spring Break and moved all classes to virtual online learning. The teachers, students, textbooks, and schedules all remained the same, but instead of meeting in person, they meet on Microsoft Teams.

What Did We Learn

It turned out that The Tenney School format of one-to-one based learning was quite transferable to online distance learning.  Our teachers estimate the instructional effectiveness of our online learning approaches 90% of our in person learning format. While the isolation of online learning can cause challenges for some students, other students actually perform better in an online learning environment.

It is important that you keep semi-formal structure to online class schedules and methods to give students a way to organize and prepare for classes.  We found established the Tenney School Live Guidelines to give our staff and students a reference list of best practices and tips for success.

What Resources Are Required

  • Staff: Tenney School Live students take lessons from the same high-quality staff delivering face-to-face instruction on campus at The Tenney School.
  • Device: Students will need a device to use for lessons. Student who don’t have a device will be issued a Chromebook by The Tenney School.
  • Internet Access: It is important Tenney School Live students have a reliable internet connection for the video lesson to have maximum effectiveness.
  • Textbooks: Students will be supplied a set of textbooks from The Tenney School based on individual course enrollment.
  • Office365: All students will be provided a Tenney School Office365 account to have access to the entire suite of office tools (including Microsoft Teams-our primary classroom for online learning).
  • Google Account: Student using the school issued Chromebooks will also be assigned a google account.

How Does It Work

  • Students enrolled in Tenney School Live will be issued a Tenney School schedule. The schedule will follow the same principals of Tenney School schedule:
    • Classes from 9am-2pm (Central Time)
    • One-to-One Classes for Core Curriculum (English, Science History, and Math)
    • Group Instruction for Electives and Core Curriculum Labs
  • Students meet their teachers on Microsoft Teams (or Zoom in some cases)
  • You can find full details of the Tenney Distance Learning program on the Tenney Distance Learning Page

Who We Serve

  • Students who can benefit from one-to-one instruction.
  • Students with medical needs that do not allow them to come to a facility.
  • Students needing schedule and location flexibility (athletes, artists, or other student with frequent travel needs)
  • The Tenney School Students: The Initial Tenney School Live students were students enrolled at The Tenney School campus forced to an online learning environment. Those student will continue using Tenney School Live until it is deemed safe to return to the facility.

If you would like more information about Tenney School Live, please use The Tenney School contact page, we would love to hear from you.