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Academic Assessment Test- Space is Limited

For a limited time, the Tenney School is offering an academic assessment test for just $25 (normally priced at $150). This test is for students entering the 6th-12th grades for the 2016-2017 school year. The academic assessment will include aptitude and achievement testing and is designed to help you understand and improve your child’s learning. Testing is not timed, but usually takes students three to four hours to complete.  By comparing your child’s aptitude to achievement, you can gain insight into whether your child is meeting their potential. After the assessment is complete, there will be a 30-minute consultation to review the results and provide guidance for improvement.

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    One-On-One Instruction

    Each of our students receives private, one-to-one instruction in core subjects: English, science, social studies, and math


    Individual Curriculum

    We are founded founded on the belief that every student has a different learning style, and school curriculum should be flexible to meet each student’s individual needs.


    Accelerated Learning

    Tenney School strives to ensure that each student receives the attention he/she needs to achieve his/her greatest academic potential.