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Many students are struggling as they move into the 2021/2022 school year. Coming on the heels of COVID-19, many students have found themselves faltering at the gates as they try to move into the school year. They may have poor grades due to a lack of comprehension, or they may still be struggling with a host of problems that make it difficult for them to keep up with their schoolwork and other tasks: difficulty relating to peers, worries over COVID-19 exposure, and even trauma-based responses that make it incredibly challenging for students to keep their focus on the classroom. In most years, those students would either fail those classes or have the opportunity to recover them during summer school. However, as students reach the 2021/2022 school year, many are walking away from school for a “do-over” instead.

What Is a “Do-Over” for Students?

A do-over for students allows them to literally start the semester over. Instead of spending the remainder of the semester in a classroom where they may grow increasingly behind, students can revisit the instruction they received at the beginning of the school year. Thus, they rebuild the foundational principles presented early in the year. Then, they get back up to grade level, often without the distractions that prevented them from succeeding the first time.

At The Tenney School, we make do-overs easy. Since we enroll on a rolling basis, students can join at any point in the school year. Students do not have to worry about trying to jump in halfway through a lesson or catching up with their peers, since each student receives one-on-one attention from qualified instructors who will help them get back up to level on their assignments and instruction.

What Are the Advantages of a Do-Over?

A semester do-over is usually reserved for students in extreme hardship. For example, students who may have had serious medical conditions or problematic home conditions to contend with as they attempted to move forward in the school year. In 2021, however, “extreme hardship” really describes all students. Everyone has been impacted by COVID-19. Some students, including disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, and students of color, have experienced greater impact than others, but all students have seen some impact from the conditions over the past eighteen months.

A do-over can help provide many advantages for struggling students.

Prevents Students From Falling Further Behind

Often, once students miss valuable instruction, they spend the rest of the year struggling to keep up. If they have lost foundational concepts, they may be left with no idea what’s coming next or how to handle it. A do-over, on the other hand, allows students to revisit that material and can help push them to greater heights, preventing them from falling further behind throughout the rest of the year.

Offers a Fresh Start

Many times, students get trapped in a cycle of failure. Once they have failed, they assume that they will continue to fail. After all, they might not have understood a concept the first time it was presented. Then, things in the classroom just keep getting harder. How are they supposed to succeed? With a do-over, on the other hand, students can often get the fresh start they need to get back on track.

A Do-Over Takes off Some of the Pressure

With a do-over, students will feel less pressured to perform in general. Failing a class or redoing an entire year can be disheartening. In many cases, it leads to lower overall student performance. With a do-over, students learn in a lower-pressure environment. They may feel less stress related to keeping up with peers or the instructor’s pace in a traditional classroom.

A Do-Over Can Help Students Catch Up

At The Tenney School, we focus on one-on-one instruction and self-paced learning. For many students, that means that they can acquire missing fundamentals and catch up to their peers. 2021 is a do-over year for many students. In the aftermath of the pandemic, many students are still struggling to determine what comes next. A do-over can give them time to get things figured out and ease some of the challenges those students may face in the future.


Does your student need a do-over? Contact us today to learn more about the support our school can provide.

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