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According to Pew Research Center, 92% of tutors use the internet to find resources, content, and teaching materials. This trend confirms how the internet has become an increasingly significant component of our lives, and the educational system is not an exception to this emerging technology. Further, utilizing various forms of technology in educational settings can have several positive effects; nevertheless, it is essential to do so responsibly. This article will examine some healthy ways of using technology to enhance education and teaching.

1. Limit Students’ Time on Screen

Reducing the amount of time students spend in front of is imperative. Keeping track of the number of times students stare at their screens can be engaging. There is software and apps available that can monitor and report on this behavior.

Alternatively, teachers should follow the guideline of 20-20-20. This guideline encourages students to take a 20-second break every 20 minutes of staring at their screens and looking at anything approximately 20 feet away. It then keeps the muscles in your eyes active, which helps them prevent the foggy feeling that can come in the afternoon.

2. Eye Protection When Using Technology to Enhance Education

Spending too much time in front of a screen can be unhealthy for the eyes. You can encourage students to minimize their screen brightness. Alternatively, consider investing in glasses that filter out blue light. Students can also get these glasses with or without a prescription, and they filter out the potentially harmful blue light that electronic devices give out.

Blue light glasses will not only protect students’ eyes from any long-term harm but will also boost comfort, minimize headaches, and contribute to clearer eyesight.

3. Encourage Students to Maintain Proper Posture

When students spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, it’s easy to let comfort take priority, but they must ensure proper posture. Ensure that they sit in a comfortable chair that provides adequate support for their back.

Encourage the use of posture correctors. These little wearable devices adhere securely to the upper back and notify the wearer when resting via a vibration or an alert on the related smartphone app. It will prevent back aches after a long day of using computers.

How Overusing Technology Can Negatively Affect Education

You have seen how technology can impact the education center positively. On the other hand, when students overuse technology, it can lead to some drawbacks. Below are a few:

Promotes Dishonesty

Technology encourages laziness in students because they can control anything with a few mouse clicks. Online information makes cheating easier despite being illegal, and students can use smartphones to cheat on tests.

Game Mentality

Students using computers for games is an issue for many teachers. Students often equate computers and technology with gaming. It’s an issue that most institutions have not addressed; pupils may then become distracted and off-task.

How to Remedy the Negative Effects of Using Technology to Enhance Education

Students sometimes overuse technology in a negative way that doesn’t promote learning. It’s, indeed, important to remedy the effects, and below are some of the solutions:

Installation of CCTVs

Using cameras in schools has been extremely helpful in assisting with the supervision of illegal activity like cheating in exams which has a negative impact. These cameras can also capture the entirety of the examination period, allowing for easy identification of pupils who cheat throughout the exam.

Setting Time Limits

Set time limits to prevent excessive use of technology in the classroom. Ensure that students only use laptops during class and for a short period during independent study. The more time students have to browse, the more they play online games or access illegal websites.

Learn More About Using Technology to Enhance Education

You can assist your pupils in remaining safe and healthy while still taking advantage of the benefits technology offers in the classroom if you encourage these healthy practices. If you are looking for an excellent school for your child in Houston, kindly contact The Tenney School. We are happy to offer a lot of specialized instruction so your child can succeed. Like you, we are concerned about your child’s success in life.

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