25 May, 2020

6 Facts You Need to Know About Private Schools


The debate on the difference between public and private schools has been persistent for quite long. And for sure, although both are built on the same model and are fundamentally designed to play the same role, there are things that subtly set them apart. If you are a parent and are thinking of sending your [...]

6 Facts You Need to Know About Private Schools2020-06-01T08:34:27-05:00
15 May, 2020

Student Procrastination: Listening, Validating and Doing It “Bird by Bird”


Anne Lamott is an American novelist and non-fiction writer who wrote a book called Bird by Bird which gives people instructions on life and writing. You might wonder how she came up with this title. She explains it in a TED talk she gave. She talks about how when she was a child, her father was trying [...]

Student Procrastination: Listening, Validating and Doing It “Bird by Bird”2021-01-08T13:58:24-06:00
14 May, 2020

The Benefits of Online Learning


In the blink of an eye, parents and students everywhere have been pushed into schooling online. For most, this doesn't exactly feel great. After all, making such an enormous life change is something that the vast majority of parents would consider very carefully under any other circumstances. This sudden change to online learning may feel [...]

The Benefits of Online Learning2021-02-06T00:11:38-06:00
2 May, 2020

Education 2020: Our Moonshot Moment


In a recent Radiolab podcast, they pondered the question of what American objects would you preserve in the face of a cataclysmic event. While there was a great deal of disagreement on the topic, there was one accomplishment most people agreed should be preserved. Our trip to the moon. You can see why this would [...]

Education 2020: Our Moonshot Moment2020-06-04T16:14:54-05:00
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