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29 Dec, 2023

What is the Real Ideal Class Length?

2023-12-01T09:51:25-06:00Friday, December 29, 2023|Education Info, Learning Environment, Learning Strategies|

As students progress in their education, many schools opt for longer class durations. Typically, classes extend from fifty to ninety minutes, depending on the school's structure and teaching style. However, the ideal class length is considerably shorter. By maintaining shorter classes, such as the thirty-minute sessions offered at The Tenney School, students can fully [...]

15 Dec, 2023

Benefits of a Small Classroom

2023-11-29T09:44:16-06:00Friday, December 15, 2023|Education Info, Learning Environment, Private School|

Classroom size is an important factor for a student's education. I want to discuss why smaller classrooms have a number of benefits that should not be overlooked when considering a school. 1. More Individualized Learning One of the biggest advantages of a smaller classroom is the individualized nature of them. While this varies depending on [...]

12 Dec, 2023

The Benefits of a Low Student Teacher Ratio

2023-11-28T13:30:19-06:00Tuesday, December 12, 2023|Education Info, Learning Environment, Private School|

When researching schools you may have come across the term "student teacher ratio". There's a number of benefits to having a low student teacher ratio and I want to discuss what these are and why it matters so much. What is Student Teacher Ratio? The student teacher ratio is a measure of the schools total [...]

5 Dec, 2023

Graduating Early From High School | 5 Benefits and Why

2023-12-05T08:26:48-06:00Tuesday, December 5, 2023|Customized Curriculum, Education Info, Parents, Private School|

Graduating early from high school can be an exciting prospect for many students. Chances are you're already considering it if you're coming across this article. That's why I want to give you 5 benefits for graduating early from high school to see if it's right for you! 1. Taking a Gap Year Many high [...]

1 Dec, 2023

Why Homework Should Not Be Banned

2023-11-15T10:50:42-06:00Friday, December 1, 2023|Education Info, Learning Environment, Learning Strategies|

It's no surprise that many students wish that homework did not exist. It's an age old problem since students began coming to school. While homework can be a lot of work I want to discuss some reasons why homework should not be banned. It's actually more helpful than you'd think. Reason 1: Repetition Matters Believe [...]

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