25 Mar, 2019

Dear Students, Google Can’t Do It All for You


As a student today, you are living with more information at your fingertips than any previous generation. Just twenty years ago, students had to spend hours upon hours in libraries looking up physical copies of magazines and newspapers stored on giant rolls of microfilm just to find out it didn't contain the information they needed [...]

Dear Students, Google Can’t Do It All for You2019-03-25T10:49:00-05:00
21 Mar, 2019

Tenney School Scholarships


We are proud to offer an opportunity for students to apply for The Tenney School Scholarship for the 2019-2020 school year.  The purpose of The Tenney School Scholarship is to provide financial assistance, in the form of reduced tuition, to deserving students.  While the primary criteria for scholarship awards will be need-based, significant consideration will [...]

Tenney School Scholarships2019-03-21T16:45:11-05:00
18 Mar, 2019

Overcoming End-of-Year Academic Burnout


This is the time of year where students start to get spring fever. As the weather starts to warm up and Springtime offers a world of new possibilities, students start to shut down. It is simply the cyclic nature of the learning process and a consequence of the school calendar, but although their minds are [...]

Overcoming End-of-Year Academic Burnout2019-03-18T09:19:45-05:00
8 Mar, 2019

What the Traditional Classroom Gets Wrong and How to Address It


Education is a cornerstone of our society, and for as long as people have been living and working together, there has been some form of education to help them learn and grow. Over time, the needs of society change and our understanding of how people learn best advances. When this happens, we have to adjust [...]

What the Traditional Classroom Gets Wrong and How to Address It2019-03-08T08:27:08-06:00
5 Mar, 2019

Less Stress with this Years “School Day” SAT Test


This week in Houston many high school students will be taking the SAT.  What makes this unique is that March 6th, 2019 will mark only the second time the College Board will offer school day SAT testing for high school students throughout the United States. High school students were also offered the opportunity to test [...]

Less Stress with this Years “School Day” SAT Test2019-03-04T12:57:34-06:00
4 Mar, 2019

Senior Spotlight: Aleza headed to Purdue


This is our second installment of the Senior Spotlight on our Tenney School Class of 2019.  In this interview, our College Counselor, Lisa Cashiola interviews Aleza.  Aleza  plans to attend Purdue University and major in Mechanical or Bio-Medical Engineering.  Her ultimate goal is an engineering career working in prosthetics.  Super excited to hear Aleza earned [...]

Senior Spotlight: Aleza headed to Purdue2019-03-04T12:19:54-06:00
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