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29 Jul, 2019

International Students Can Overcome Challenges at a Private School


When international students come to the United States to study, they get a high-quality education, especially if they go to a private school. The problem, however, lies in cultural adjustment. Even if they come from an English-speaking country, they may speak with a different accent. This makes them feel different as compared to the student [...]

International Students Can Overcome Challenges at a Private School2019-07-29T09:22:03-05:00
25 Jul, 2019

How a Small School Will Help to Identify Your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses


In some ways, a small school can be beneficial for any type of student. A small school provides a greater amount of flexibility, allowing students to spend more time working on subjects that they love (or those in which they require more help). At the same time, being at a small school means that your [...]

How a Small School Will Help to Identify Your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses2019-07-25T09:26:00-05:00
22 Jul, 2019

Gifted and Talented 101


Many schools across the nation have been putting time, effort, and money into gifted and talented programs. Since not all children fall into an "average" category, it's crucial for schools to have accommodations and challenges for children who not only have special needs but also for those who are gifted or above the average. One [...]

Gifted and Talented 1012019-08-01T21:26:12-05:00
18 Jul, 2019

New Drum Kit


Summer is the time when a school has the time to make improvements.  It's nice having some time to implement new things in preparation for the new school year.  In addition to the new Sport Court (which is almost finished), we have also added a new and improved Drum Kit for our band program.  The [...]

New Drum Kit2019-07-18T20:06:56-05:00
15 Jul, 2019

Is Private School the Answer For You?


Private School vs. Public School Sadly, the educational world is in crisis. There is a teacher shortage, overcrowded classrooms, dictated lessons, and government sanctions on already underfunded schools. While these issues are being widely discussed, there seems to be little progress in fixing them and the education of the next generation is suffering. So, what [...]

Is Private School the Answer For You?2019-07-15T07:36:57-05:00
9 Jul, 2019

A Smooth Transition for International Students


Adjusting to life in the American classroom is not always easy for international students. While some students are able to acclimate with little trouble, others experience culture shock, communication barriers, and difficulties fitting in with their American peers. Below is a look at some of the challenges they face and the resources The Tenney School [...]

A Smooth Transition for International Students2019-07-09T09:07:22-05:00