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25 Jan, 2019

Encouraging Students to Ask (Better) Questions in Class

2020-10-05T08:24:15-05:00Friday, January 25, 2019|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

As they grow, children are (consciously or subconsciously) taught to conform to rules and boundaries, and not to question for fear of displeasing others or being mocked. Without even realizing it, adults often curb their curiosity and critical thinking, in place teaching them conformity and acceptance of what they believe is right. Even in school, [...]

18 Jan, 2019

Motivating Students: What Works, What Doesn’t

2019-01-18T09:22:59-06:00Friday, January 18, 2019|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

Keeping students motivated is an incredibly important part of being an effective teacher. Students' potential to learn is almost endless as long as they can stay motivated to continue working hard—especially in the face of difficult problems. Grades are the classic way to motivate students. Traditionally, good grades have been held out as a kind [...]

15 Jan, 2019

Is it Okay to Let Your Child Fail a Test?

2019-01-15T07:44:07-06:00Tuesday, January 15, 2019|Learning Strategies, Parents|

Today's educational world has parents more involved than they ever have been before. For one thing, the pressure to know what's going on with their children's grades has gotten much more intense. There's a sense that every class (even in elementary and middle school) is a make-or-break moment that could prevent the child from progressing [...]

8 Jan, 2019

Where Does Texas Stand on School Choice Programs?

2021-08-09T16:33:12-05:00Tuesday, January 8, 2019|Parents, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

In the world of education, the term "school choice" carries a lot of controversy wherever it is spoken. Parents wanting the freedom to enroll their children in a school other than the public school in their district cheer for school choice programs. Public school districts worry that school choice programs will cause their funding to [...]

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