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25 Nov, 2019

Why Parents Choose Personalized Learning Programs for Their Children

2019-11-27T15:57:54-06:00Monday, November 25, 2019|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

As a parent, you try to make the best possible decisions for your children to help them grow and succeed. Just as you encourage your child to stay physically fit and eat healthily so their bodies will grow strong, you also want to make choices that will help their minds grow strong. Choosing the right [...]

18 Nov, 2019

Why Consider a Private Education for Your Child?

2019-11-18T08:05:07-06:00Monday, November 18, 2019|Parents, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

Our children will create the world of tomorrow. And tomorrow is a time and place we don't know. How can we prepare them to take on this challenge with integrity, perseverance, and honor? We give them the education that best fits them. But how do we choose the best school? Here are some of the [...]

11 Nov, 2019

The Way It Is for International Students

2019-11-11T08:08:47-06:00Monday, November 11, 2019|Education Info, International students, Tenney Subscribers|

A significant number of students come to the United States every year to study in American schools. How well do they do? How does cultural shock affect them? What is the benefit to the American schools of international student attendance? According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (also known as the "Shanghai Ranking"), the [...]

4 Nov, 2019

5 Things Your Child Gains from One-on-One Learning

2019-11-04T11:07:26-06:00Monday, November 4, 2019|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Parents, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

One-on-one learning is among the most powerful techniques in an educator's toolbox for helping students learn and grow. Rather than asking students to follow along as one in a class of dozens, here at The Tenney School, students enjoy one-on-one learning time with their teacher. Personalized 1:1 learning provides a much deeper relationship with knowledge, [...]

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