19 Sep, 2023

The Right Fit: When a Smaller, One-to-One School is the Solution for Your Anxious Child

2023-09-19T09:59:10-05:00Tuesday, September 19, 2023|Uncategorized|

As a parent, your child's education holds an invaluable place in your life. You dream of your child flourishing, of walking across that graduation stage with a proud smile. But what happens when that dream seems to blur because your child is grappling with anxiety and stress? Often, traditional school settings—with their large classrooms [...]

6 Sep, 2023

Get Involved With The Tenney School to Enhance Your Student Experience

2023-09-06T11:38:40-05:00Wednesday, September 6, 2023|Uncategorized|

Deciding what clubs or sports to join can be one of the most exciting parts of a new school year. The Tenney School offers more options than you might expect to involve yourself at school. Even if your love for our one-to-one learning model makes you question whether involving yourself in larger group activities [...]

31 May, 2023

Key Things to Look for When Touring a College Campus

2023-05-30T15:39:34-05:00Wednesday, May 31, 2023|Education Info, Uncategorized|

Choosing the right college for your future needs is an important decision, and the process can be very exciting. Many colleges and universities offer a lot of incentives to encourage potential students to consider their institutions. However, during a campus tour, keep in mind that you are likely choosing the place where you will [...]

9 May, 2023

Why Do Teachers and Parents Get Frustrated With Students?

2023-05-09T08:03:15-05:00Tuesday, May 9, 2023|Uncategorized|

Students that are not performing at the level their teachers know they are capable of can be a source of frustration for both teachers and parents. The Tenney School's one-to-one learning model offers natural solutions for addressing many of these issues. Here is an overview of why your student's academic performance may be frustrating [...]

26 Apr, 2023

How to Choose Between Special Education vs. a 504 Plan

2023-05-02T11:19:01-05:00Wednesday, April 26, 2023|Education Info, Uncategorized|

Every student learns at their own pace. Adapting instruction to meet them where they are is key when it comes to helping them succeed. Special education services and 504 plans are two of the most common options for helping students that may struggle to learn at grade level with no extra assistance. Here is [...]

6 Sep, 2022

Practical Tips on How to Prepare for College

2022-09-06T08:20:17-05:00Tuesday, September 6, 2022|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Uncategorized|

With focused and high-achieving students, getting into an elite college is their dream. And it is always a tough season for the students looking to join college. A lot of time and other resources goes into preparation. For instance, according to research by Solomon Admissions Consulting, students from private schools had a lower rate of [...]

26 Oct, 2021

Answers for Students Who Wonder “When Am I Going To Use This?”

2021-10-26T07:52:11-05:00Tuesday, October 26, 2021|Uncategorized|

As students advance through school, they will discover strengths and weaknesses, favorite subjects and those they don't enjoy. Part of our work as parents and educators is to expose children to a very broad range of content, so that each child can discover interests and passions, along with learning subject material needed for future academic [...]

21 Oct, 2021

Rethinking Class Ranking and Long-Run Outcomes

2021-10-21T15:31:53-05:00Thursday, October 21, 2021|News|

Class rank is the method schools use to measure the academic achievements of students against their classmates. Schools evaluate class ranking every grading period, which could be a semester or a trimester. Class ranks are bound to go up or down, depending on a student's performance. The Benefits of Class Ranking Class ranks provide a [...]

23 Sep, 2021

Are You Ready to Complete the FAFSA?

2021-09-23T08:03:20-05:00Thursday, September 23, 2021|Education Info, News, Parents|

This year, Texas has added a requirement that families complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or TAFSA (Texas Application for State Financial Aid) before students can graduate from high school. The goal is to help students decrease the cost of college and ensure that they have the tools they need. For some families, [...]

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