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29 Jul, 2015

New Student Devices Have Arrived

2015-07-29T13:03:57-05:00Wednesday, July 29, 2015|Uncategorized|

For the upcoming school year we have decided to make a mobile device available for every student enrolled at The Tenney School.  Following lengthy market research, we selected the ASUS C201PA Chromebook as our student device of choice.  The Chromebook is lightweight, extremely fast, and compatible with the Office365 resources already in use at the [...]

22 Jul, 2015

Exercise Your Brain

2015-07-22T15:28:56-05:00Wednesday, July 22, 2015|Uncategorized|

It has been said the brain is like a muscle…it gets stronger with use. Or said another way, use it or lose it. Don’t neglect to keep you student brain challenged and stimulated over summer vacation: go to museums, make regular trips to the library, or taking intellectually stimulating summer courses. The flexibility of summer [...]

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