5 Apr, 2021

Fully Flexible Summer Courses


Summer School may be just what your child needs to get back on track after a year of pandemic learning.  For 2021, we have decided to increase the flexibility for familes looking to enroll in sumemr courses: Course scheduling is flexible. Register for any 3 weeks to complete a semester course. Courses can be taken [...]

Fully Flexible Summer Courses2021-04-05T14:39:30-05:00
4 Feb, 2021

Should You Consider Summer School for Your Child?


Parents choose to send their children to summer school in order to combat the summer learning loss phenomenon. By the middle school years, students may lose 36% of their reading gains and 50% of math-related gains made during the year over the summer months, when they are out of school and not engaging in learning-related activities. [...]

Should You Consider Summer School for Your Child?2021-02-04T13:36:14-06:00
2 Jun, 2020

3 Reasons for Summer School in 2020


We live in a different world today than we did just a few months ago.  The patterns and decisions of our lives has changed so dramatically, things we once thought were highly unlikely and unnecessary are now normal and wise.  For many students, 2020 may be the summer to consider summer school. I wanted to [...]

3 Reasons for Summer School in 20202020-06-02T10:28:38-05:00
1 Jun, 2020

Fun Ways to Avoid the Summer Slide


The Summer Slide sounds like something cool at the park. However, this is one piece of playground equipment your kids should avoid over the break. Also known as The Summer Slump or The Summer Learning Loss, research on this phenomenon has shown that students can forget up to a month's worth of knowledge gained throughout [...]

Fun Ways to Avoid the Summer Slide2020-06-02T07:52:00-05:00
29 Apr, 2020

Safe, In-Person Summer School


The summer of 2020 may be the best one ever to consider summer school for your child.  A few of the reasons summer school may be something good to consider this year: Students are behind. Distance learning at many schools at the end of the 19-20 school year was ineffective, and summer is a good [...]

Safe, In-Person Summer School2020-06-04T16:02:44-05:00
27 Mar, 2020

Why Online Learning Works (Especially at the Tenney School)


The transition from classroom learning to online learning can be a difficult one. Sometimes both students and teachers are facing a lot of uncertainty. They are unsure how this new method of doing things will work. However, at The Tenney School, we have found that online learning is both possible and beneficial! We are able [...]

Why Online Learning Works (Especially at the Tenney School)2020-06-02T14:45:54-05:00
18 Jul, 2019

New Drum Kit


Summer is the time when a school has the time to make improvements.  It's nice having some time to implement new things in preparation for the new school year.  In addition to the new Sport Court (which is almost finished), we have also added a new and improved Drum Kit for our band program.  The [...]

New Drum Kit2019-07-18T20:06:56-05:00
29 Apr, 2019

Tenney School Students Excel at Summer Reading: Beating the “Summer Slide”


As summer vacation is upon us, it's a good idea to keep in mind the dangers of the "summer slide." Summer vacation should be packed with fun and adventure, but also needs to reflect the educational priorities you have in place for your child. Summer Learning Loss We've discussed at length the effects of summer [...]

Tenney School Students Excel at Summer Reading: Beating the “Summer Slide”2019-04-29T14:44:49-05:00
1 Apr, 2019

Summer Learning Loss And How to Lessen it


As Americans, we often take for granted that the 9-month long school year is simply a thing of fact. We enjoy our leisurely summers, planning long vacations to the beach, overdue family reunions, and long days of fun in the sun. Teachers use this time to recharge, rest and begin their planning for the fall [...]

Summer Learning Loss And How to Lessen it2019-04-01T13:35:12-05:00
12 Aug, 2017

Necessary Steps to Get Your Teen Ready for School


Aw, the glorious days of summer. Staying up late and sleeping in until noon. A teenagers dream. But going back to school does not have to be a nightmare. By easing your teen back into a routine with some planning and organization, they can feel better prepared for the coming school year. And a prepared student is [...]

Necessary Steps to Get Your Teen Ready for School2017-08-12T12:00:12-05:00
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