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27 Nov, 2017

When You Are Near The End: Finish the Semester Strong!

2017-11-27T16:40:55-06:00Monday, November 27, 2017|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Tenney Subscribers, Testing Strategies|

The holiday season is upon us and now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time for students to get focused and finish the semester strong. There are many distractions this time of year and it can be a real challenge to stay focused. Here are some tips for students who desire to stay the course, work [...]

14 Nov, 2017

New Student Testimonial

2017-11-14T18:43:38-06:00Tuesday, November 14, 2017|Education Info, Learning Environment|

When a school classroom is your only frame of reference, it's hard to describe how different learning can be.  Watch to hear how school can be different in a one-to-one learning environment. https://youtu.be/BfzDcJvnMDM

13 Nov, 2017

Note Taking: Tips for Student Success

2017-11-13T14:46:40-06:00Monday, November 13, 2017|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Tenney Subscribers, Testing Strategies|

Whether listening to a lecture or reading a textbook, successful students will organize the onslaught of new information for effectively filing in their brains. Effectively filing is the key. Like any filing system the "user," in this case, the student, should be able to locate the file and search the contents at will. Here are some successful [...]

8 Nov, 2017

Recovering from Hurricane Harvey

2017-11-08T13:19:32-06:00Wednesday, November 8, 2017|Education Info, Student Health, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

The scope of the devastation from Hurricane Harvey is only beginning to be understood. The loss of life, property, and resources is extensive. Along with physical destruction, Harvey left behind gaping emotional wounds. Nobody is truly unaffected. People were directly impacted by the flooding, losing loved ones and or property in the hurricane. Others were affected by the terrifying news stories; [...]

2 Nov, 2017

3 Ways Private Schools Minimize Bullying

2017-10-31T12:49:39-05:00Thursday, November 2, 2017|Parents, Private School, Student Health, Tenney Subscribers|

Unfortunately, bullying is a very real problem in American schools today. No matter the age of your child, they have likely experienced bullying in their school. Whether they have experienced these incidents as a bystander, a victim, or the culprit of the bullying, your child will be impacted by the situation, and the impact is rarely a [...]

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