27 Apr, 2018

How Small Schools Benefit the Child With ADHD


Your children's education is one of the most important parts of their life. You want your child to be successful because it paves the way for a rewarding future. Of course, every family has their own definition of what constitutes success. Some parents may be more concerned with grades than others are. But one thing [...]

How Small Schools Benefit the Child With ADHD2018-04-27T07:26:19-05:00
23 Apr, 2018

How Per-Student Funding Works in the US


Schools get funding from a lot of different directions, including both the federal and state governments along with donations from the community and fundraisers managed by parents, teachers, and school district administrators. Anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to get involved in a school may be surprised to discover exactly how much money it takes [...]

How Per-Student Funding Works in the US2018-04-23T08:23:01-05:00
16 Apr, 2018

Technology in Schools Calls for a Change in Learning


Before immediate access to answers on the internet, learning involved a certain amount of wonder and curiosity. Somebody's interest had to be piqued enough to want to seek out a person who would know the answer. Or maybe the answer would be found in a physical book in the library. Finding out information took time. [...]

Technology in Schools Calls for a Change in Learning2018-04-13T09:05:20-05:00
11 Apr, 2018

4 Reasons the STAAR Is a Waste


April is here, so it’s time for Texas public school student to endure the annual pain of STAAR exams. As students, parents, and educators reflect on the year preparing for the STAAR, it’s hard to defend the waste the process has become.  To be sure, some form of annual testing is important; not only is [...]

4 Reasons the STAAR Is a Waste2018-04-11T15:05:17-05:00
10 Apr, 2018

Helping 2e Students Reach Their Potential


If you have a 2e student, you already know that the struggle is very real. Learning to balance the demands of a learning disability alongside the needs of an advanced learner is an ongoing, lifelong process. By getting your child the help they need in the classroom, however, you can improve their odds of success [...]

Helping 2e Students Reach Their Potential2018-04-10T09:35:11-05:00
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