21 Feb, 2018

Why Private Schools are Worth the Cost


Most parents want the best for their children. They want them to have a high-quality education so that they can succeed in life and be the best that they can be. However, as the cost of college rises, most struggle with whether or not they should send their children to private school too. Many wonder [...]

Why Private Schools are Worth the Cost2019-10-09T13:11:12-05:00
16 Feb, 2018

Facing Student Adversity: Choosing Survival vs Victimization


Growing pains. Students experience a wide variety of "pains" during their formative years at school. While some of them are physical pains, many of them arise from mental and emotional challenges. These types of adversities can range from personal scholastic struggles to underserved, negative attention. No matter the cause, each student will face trials of [...]

Facing Student Adversity: Choosing Survival vs Victimization2018-02-14T14:24:20-06:00
13 Feb, 2018

VLOG #16: Houston Literacy Crisis


In today's VLOG we discuss the literacy crisis facing Houston Students. As special guest, Jacque Daughtry from Making It Better will be joining us to fully address this topic. We will go through some of the features and statistics of our literacy problem and the ties to poverty. We will also discuss what can be [...]

VLOG #16: Houston Literacy Crisis2018-02-13T21:40:00-06:00
8 Feb, 2018

Student Devices: Do They Really Help?


As technology use has grown across industries, it has become a foregone conclusion in many academic circles that technology access is fundamental to building "students of the future" who are prepared for the demands of technology in their future lives. Lower access to technology has simultaneously left low-income students stuck in a lower-performing cycle, unable [...]

Student Devices: Do They Really Help?2018-02-08T20:16:36-06:00
7 Feb, 2018

VLOG #15: Texas Immunizations


In this VLOG we discuss the immunizations required in the state of Texas.  We will go over the basic vaccine requirements and when they are required. https://youtu.be/iDDH8CoVRDg?list=PLWrEKET0tyHJ_sNqgIhcNc97WCh3Ts-eM

VLOG #15: Texas Immunizations2018-02-12T18:37:13-06:00
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