27 May, 2021

Congratulations Tenney Class of 2021!

2021-05-28T15:35:19-05:00Thursday, May 27, 2021|Education Info, Events, News, Private School|

We would like to congratulate The Tenney School class of 2021! You have persevered through the most trying senior year in memory, and done so with enthusiasm and espirit de corp.  Here are the schools which will be grateful to have you next year: Baylor University (3) Colorado State University (2) Houston Baptist University Incarnate [...]

18 Jun, 2020

Congratulations Mrs. Fonville: We Will Miss You!

2020-06-17T14:44:45-05:00Thursday, June 18, 2020|Events, News, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

One of the sad things about ending the school year under quarantine is missing the opportunity to celebrate milestones. While we were able to have an online award ceremony, and an in-person commencement ceremony for the class of 2020, we were unable to celebrate a significant retirement.  After decades of teaching in San Antonio Independent [...]

24 May, 2019

2019 Spring Music Performance

2019-05-24T13:22:40-05:00Friday, May 24, 2019|Education Info, Events, Tenney Subscribers|

It was great to hear the final performance of our Tenney School 2018-2019 music students.  Our Spring Performance this year was held in coordination with our final award ceremony. At the concert we saw performances from our Voice students, Piano students, and both of our school Bands: Crocodile Boulevard & Panic Attack.  The performance even [...]

17 May, 2019

Engineering Presentation: Mechanical Hand

2019-05-17T08:40:12-05:00Friday, May 17, 2019|Education Info, Events, Parents|

At our Spring Award Ceremony we were excited to see a project presentation from our Engineering Class. During the spring semester, our Engineering class students worked on designing and building a mechanical hand.  During the presentation they shared how the hand was all designed on modeling software during class.  The final design was printed on [...]

1 May, 2019

Senior Spotlight: Tobey Decides on OK State

2019-05-01T15:36:22-05:00Wednesday, May 1, 2019|Education Info, Events, Parents|

In our latest Senior Spotlight for our Tenney School Class of 2019, we hear a little about Tobey's journey.  In this interview, our College Counselor, Lisa Cashiola interviews Tobey.  Tobey tells a little about her journey though high school, her decision to attend Oklahoma State University, and shares some tips for younger students. Click this [...]

18 Apr, 2019

Senior Surprise: The Sense of Belonging at a Small Private School

2019-04-19T07:56:05-05:00Thursday, April 18, 2019|Events, Learning Environment, Private School|

Today there are increasing reports of alienation and feelings of isolation in young people.    Teens, while being especially adept at social media, often feel as if they aren’t really connecting with other human beings. That’s why a small school such as The Tenney School is so effective at making students feel as if they are [...]

5 Mar, 2019

Less Stress with this Years “School Day” SAT Test

2019-03-04T12:57:34-06:00Tuesday, March 5, 2019|Education Info, Events, Tenney Subscribers|

This week in Houston many high school students will be taking the SAT.  What makes this unique is that March 6th, 2019 will mark only the second time the College Board will offer school day SAT testing for high school students throughout the United States. High school students were also offered the opportunity to test [...]

14 Feb, 2019

CSI Class Investigates: Monument Sign Hit-and-Run

2019-02-14T09:12:03-06:00Thursday, February 14, 2019|Education Info, Events, Tenney Subscribers|

Anyone driving by the facility will have noticed The Tenney School monument sign is not looking so good.  In fact, the old sign was (finally) removed yesterday.  This story started several weeks ago when we arrived to school one morning to see the monument sign on the front lawn was obviously destroyed. Problem was, no [...]

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