27 Mar, 2018

Helping Your Child’s Time-Blindness


No matter how hard you try to teach them, some children are simply unable to manage time. It's not that they don't want to be on time or that they enjoy not being prepared for their classes and other responsibilities. Unfortunately, their physiology is such that time management will likely always be an issue. Learning [...]

Helping Your Child’s Time-Blindness2018-03-27T11:45:12-05:00
22 Mar, 2018

The Difference Between a Student Victim and a Student Survivor


It's no secret that life comes with its fair share of trials. These difficulties look different for everyone, but they're particularly painful to see in young people. From unfair treatment to poor teachers to peer pressure, there are endless possible hurdles students can face. And, when faced with these hurdles, there are many different ways [...]

The Difference Between a Student Victim and a Student Survivor2018-03-22T13:18:05-05:00
14 Mar, 2018

Help Students Who Struggle with Essay Writing


In a world of snaps, tweets, and texts, it's no wonder many students struggle with writing. In an academic environment, this is particularly frustrating for students and teachers alike. Students often struggle to express themselves in the long-form fashion expected in school, while teachers lament the difficulties involved when helping students who struggle with writing [...]

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9 Mar, 2018

New Parent Testimonial-March 2018


The Tenney School is a very different learning environment.  Watch this New Parent Testimonial to get a sense of how enrolling a child at The Tenney School makes life different for a parent. https://youtu.be/d5RdfftvuDo?list=PLWrEKET0tyHIgWa5QKZapV5omcKQv9Xq1

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7 Mar, 2018

How Customized Instruction Maximizes Students’ Learning Capacity


Someone once said, "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." This quotation refers to an allegory by Amos E. Tolbear of Tufts University, in which all sorts of animals were required to attend school, and each was required to conform to a set [...]

How Customized Instruction Maximizes Students’ Learning Capacity2018-03-05T15:30:46-06:00
5 Mar, 2018

The Inherent Advantages of Small Schools


It's no surprise that many students prefer small schools to large schools. The climate, relationships, and classes offered by small schools make students, their parents, and teachers happy. Here are just a few advantages inherent to small schools: Better, closer relationships  With fewer people overall, it's easier to foster meaningful relationships in small schools. According [...]

The Inherent Advantages of Small Schools2018-03-01T21:26:56-06:00
1 Mar, 2018

VLOG #17: SAT or ACT?


In this VLOG we discuss how high school students should evaluate which college entrance exam to focus on.  We cover the background of both the SAT and ACT, as well as how the two tests differ.  Based on the focus and composition of each test, we will highlight the types of students that may favor [...]

VLOG #17: SAT or ACT?2018-06-25T11:36:15-05:00
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