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28 Jul, 2016

Protecting Your Children From Cyber-Bullying

2017-05-18T17:39:16-05:00Thursday, July 28, 2016|Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

Your children are growing up in a vastly different world from the one you remember--and that includes the ways in which they're bullied. These days, kids are less likely to shove one another into lockers and steal lunch money than they are to take their bullying online, where everyone can participate as they roast each [...]

19 Jul, 2016

Unlocking the Big Benefits Behind Small Private Schools

2017-05-18T17:39:16-05:00Tuesday, July 19, 2016|Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

Although "big" and "little" are relative terms, the size of a school can make all the difference in your child's learning process and overall academic success. Small private schools are generally defined as an attendance of less than 500 although some schools can range even smaller. These schools may not be best for every student, but [...]

8 Jul, 2016

The History of Attention Deficit Disorder in the Classroom

2017-05-18T17:39:16-05:00Friday, July 8, 2016|News, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

Students with attention disorders and hyperactivity need special structure in the classroom. They have to be kept away from sources of distraction, like noise sources or windows, that would not distract other students. They may need special seating in the classroom that allows them to move around or special lessons that incorporate physical movement. Students [...]

5 Jul, 2016

Initial Feedback on the New SAT: Sounds Positive

2017-05-18T17:39:16-05:00Tuesday, July 5, 2016|News, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

After 30 years, the new SAT rolled out in March 2016 with substantial changes. This post will explain some of the changes made and the initial feedback on the new SAT. What’s different? Scoring: The scoring changes are two-fold: Firstly, the point scale will return to 1600.  This is a return to the grading scale [...]

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