15 Mar, 2024

Being Late to Class: It’s Not Cool!

2024-03-08T07:28:09-06:00Friday, March 15, 2024|Education Info, Parents, Punctuality, Tenney Subscribers|

In many schools, being late to class is seen as something of a token of coolness. Kids who are late are “edgy,” or they’re seen as being “too cool for school.” They clearly have larger concerns on their time and energy than making it to class just as the bell rings. Some students, in fact, [...]

15 May, 2020

Student Procrastination: Listening, Validating and Doing It “Bird by Bird”

2021-01-08T13:58:24-06:00Friday, May 15, 2020|Learning Environment, Learning Strategies, Punctuality|

Anne Lamott is an American novelist and non-fiction writer who wrote a book called Bird by Bird which gives people instructions on life and writing. You might wonder how she came up with this title. She explains it in a TED talk she gave. She talks about how when she was a child, her father was trying [...]

27 Mar, 2018

Helping Your Child’s Time-Blindness

2018-03-27T11:45:12-05:00Tuesday, March 27, 2018|Learning Strategies, Parents, Punctuality, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

No matter how hard you try to teach them, some children are simply unable to manage time. It's not that they don't want to be on time or that they enjoy not being prepared for their classes and other responsibilities. Unfortunately, their physiology is such that time management will likely always be an issue. Learning [...]

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