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31 Dec, 2017

Why is Your Gifted and Talented Student Struggling in School?

2021-01-29T10:05:25-06:00Sunday, December 31, 2017|Learning Environment, Learning Strategies, Parents, Student Health, Tenney Subscribers|

You know your child is bright, and they have been identified as gifted and talented. So why are they struggling in school? Despite being intellectually advanced, gifted children can still face many challenges in the classroom. For parents of these children, it's incredibly frustrating to know your child is exceptional but see them [...]

23 Dec, 2017

Waiting for the Frontal Lobe: How Brain Development Impacts Teen Decision-Making

2019-10-30T13:19:15-05:00Saturday, December 23, 2017|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Student Health, Tenney Subscribers|

There's nothing more frustrating than a child who just can't seem to get it together in school. They lack those executive functioning skills that will help them be successful as a student: organization, interest and engagement, and a deeper understanding of the consequences of their current actions. If you've struggled to help your kid "get [...]

21 Dec, 2017

The Benefits of a Small School for Secondary Education

2017-12-19T12:25:59-06:00Thursday, December 21, 2017|Customized Curriculum, Private School, Student Health, Tenney Subscribers, Transition Between Schools|

The shift to middle school and high school is no small matter. When transitioning into secondary school, students can be placed in a daunting position--one often exacerbated by a large student body and many potential hurdles. Some of these challenges are academic, including workload and class structure. Others are social, such as finding peer groups [...]

18 Dec, 2017

Don’t Tell Your Students They’re Smart: The Art of Building Lifelong Learners

2017-12-13T17:20:22-06:00Monday, December 18, 2017|Education Info, Learning Environment, Parents, Student Health, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

For every teacher and administrator in our school, the goal is to build an environment where every student is able to achieve their maximum potential. That goal isn't as simple as it sounds! Some kids are able to get A's without putting in any effort at all. Other kids struggle to get B's and C's [...]

11 Dec, 2017

How to Support Gifted and Talented Students

2017-12-11T12:44:44-06:00Monday, December 11, 2017|Customized Curriculum, Education Info, Learning Strategies, Student Health, Tenney Subscribers|

Differentiation is one of the most important factors in providing quality education to all students. This is particularly important for students who fall into the Gifted and Talented category. These students are often capable of learning at accelerated rates, delving deeper into content topics, and synthesizing information more readily. That said, they also face challenges [...]

5 Dec, 2017

International Students: Embracing Education the American Way

2017-12-05T17:37:03-06:00Tuesday, December 5, 2017|Education Info, International students, Tenney Subscribers|

According to The Christian Science Monitor, the top 5 countries exporting students to America, to get an education are; China, India, South Korea, Canada, and Taiwan. They view an American education to be an improvement over their home country's education system. However, it's not always a picnic for the International student endeavoring to embrace the [...]

1 Dec, 2017

5 Ways Private School Helps Pay for Itself

2017-11-29T14:53:37-06:00Friday, December 1, 2017|Education Info, Parents, Private School|

For most families, the decision to send their children to private school is not taken lightly. Besides being an enormous life change, this decision is also a huge financial investment. While this investment is without a doubt a very worthwhile one, many parents still feel a bit of a sting when paying for private school education. [...]

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