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19 Aug, 2018

What is Custom-Made Education?

2018-08-19T21:15:12-05:00Sunday, August 19, 2018|Customized Curriculum, Education Info, Learning Strategies, Tenney Subscribers|

We are living in an era of customization. Because of our technology and variety of options, we can customize everything from the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the television shows and books that pop up on our recommended list, and the podcasts we listen to. The world is quickly becoming divergent in new [...]

13 Aug, 2018

Why Private School Is Worth the Cost

2018-08-13T10:34:10-05:00Monday, August 13, 2018|Education Info, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

PRIVATE SCHOOL Many parents want the best for their children, no matter the cost. They would rather send them to a pricey private school, even if they have to cut back on other aspects of their lives. Then, there are the people on the other side. They don't believe that it is worth sending their [...]

6 Aug, 2018

One Success Story at a Time: The Power of One-on-One

2018-08-06T08:56:21-05:00Monday, August 6, 2018|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

The tool you use to measure is going to determine what kind of results you get. If all you have a is a thermometer, you're going to measure the temperature. If all you have is a ruler, you're going to measure the length. Sometimes, the limitations of our measurements can cause us to miss out [...]

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