28 Mar, 2017

How to Accommodate Your Child’s Learning Style


Maureen McKay is author of Optimistic Outcomes: What Every Parent Wants and Every Child Needs, a book which offers advice to parents and educators about reaching children of varying learning styles. She’s also a mother who talked to School and Family about her experience with her own daughter’s learning style: “I like to study at [...]

How to Accommodate Your Child’s Learning Style2017-05-18T17:39:10-05:00
27 Mar, 2017

VLOG #4: Why Homework Is Bad


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGr6Zq0n-ds In VLOG #4  we discuss situations where homework is a bad thing.  In discussing the ways homework is improperly assigned, we delve into situations where homework results in negative consequences.

VLOG #4: Why Homework Is Bad2017-05-18T17:39:10-05:00
20 Mar, 2017

The Benefits of Customized Curriculum


From the driven child who wishes for nothing more than to please his teachers and parents, to the laid-back child who is happy to simply go with the flow, every student has his or her own learning style and pace. On top of the various personality traits found within any given classroom, there is also [...]

The Benefits of Customized Curriculum2017-05-18T17:39:10-05:00
15 Mar, 2017

Early Graduation: Unraveling the Pros and Cons


History is full of presidents, writers, scientists, and word leaders who all share a common thread: giftedness in school. For gifted students, skipping grades and early graduation are common occurrences. However, these issues are the source of many debates and disagreements. Some parents and educators feel that children who skip grades or graduate early suffer [...]

Early Graduation: Unraveling the Pros and Cons2017-05-18T17:39:10-05:00
8 Mar, 2017

Recognizing and Treating Anxiety in Students


According to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, one in eight children suffers from anxiety. This is quite a large number, and simply must be addressed. Children who suffer from anxiety tend to do poorly in school and social situations, and often these students will resort to recreational drug use in order to self-medicate. [...]

Recognizing and Treating Anxiety in Students2017-05-18T17:39:10-05:00
3 Mar, 2017

Are Helicopter Parents Driving Grade Inflation?


Studies have shown that in many school systems, inflated grades are the norm. Both high schools and colleges have seen an overall rise in the GPAs of their students--not because of increased intelligence, but because of a shift in the way teachers and professors are encouraged to deal with children. Several factors are at play [...]

Are Helicopter Parents Driving Grade Inflation?2017-05-18T17:39:10-05:00
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