29 Jun, 2016

The “Big 3” of College Admissions


Much has been made recently about changing the college admissions process.  A drive to attend the best schools has resulted in a frenzy of activity for families pushing their students to attend the best universities possible.  Students are being pushed to their limit to find ways to differentiate themselves through hardest classes, the most impactful [...]

The “Big 3” of College Admissions2016-06-29T16:49:38-05:00
23 Jun, 2016

4 Educational Vacation Ideas to Stimulate Your Child’s Mind


School is officially out and children eagerly begin their summer of delight in the sun. All the hard work they have done throughout the school year is rewarded with two months of excitement-packed activities. Children look forward to trips to the ballpark, swimming at the pool, summer camp, riding the ocean waves, fishing in the [...]

4 Educational Vacation Ideas to Stimulate Your Child’s Mind2016-06-23T14:42:47-05:00
21 Jun, 2016

Congratulation Ray Watson, M.Div.


The Tenney School would like to congratulate one of our own, Ray Watson. While teaching history at The Tenney School, Mr. Watson has also been attending seminary.  His persistence has paid off, this weekend Mr. Watson earned a Master of Divinity Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Way to go Ray!

Congratulation Ray Watson, M.Div.2016-06-21T09:42:55-05:00
17 Jun, 2016

When Students Do Not Ask Questions in Class


Most students have been in a classroom setting where they wished they hadn’t asked a question or added to the discussion. Maybe the answer was obvious or the question seemed unrelated – “out in left field,” so to speak. It takes strength to raise your hand in class and ask questions. More often [...]

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14 Jun, 2016

Private School Versus Public School: Is It Worth It?


You live in a district where the public schools are generally considered excellent. You're lucky enough; however, you may wonder if your children will have a better outcome in private school.  You've found yourself wondering: is private school really worth it? The expense associated with private school can add up quickly, especially if you have [...]

Private School Versus Public School: Is It Worth It?2016-06-14T16:02:53-05:00
7 Jun, 2016

Summer School 2016


The Tenney School Summer School starts tomorrow.  While many students and staff are away for summer, schools stay busy over summer.  Lot's of stuff happens over the Summer Break, and Summer School is a big one.  Tomorrow we welcome students looking for academic enrichment or to get ahead.

Summer School 20162016-06-07T17:04:26-05:00
2 Jun, 2016

5 Social Advantages of Small Schools


The U.S. Department of Education realizes the academic benefits of a small private school. They had this to report based on the research: Private school students perform higher than public school students on achievement tests. Private high schools are required to fulfill more stringent graduation requirements than public high schools. “Private school students are more [...]

5 Social Advantages of Small Schools2019-02-19T11:44:40-06:00
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