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31 Aug, 2021

No Textbook? How Can I Help My Child With Homework?

2021-08-31T07:45:11-05:00Tuesday, August 31, 2021|Parents|

The simple truth is that more and more teachers are turning away from using textbooks. Whether he or she thought that the textbook didn't teach the topic well, or the teacher simply found a better way to teach a subject, most children aren't learning directly from a textbook, like they used to. In fact, more [...]

24 Aug, 2021

Help Your Children Take Ownership of Their Education

2021-08-23T07:48:13-05:00Tuesday, August 24, 2021|Education Info, Learning Strategies|

When children become independent learners, they help themselves navigate through their studies. Thus, they teach themselves skills they will actually use later in the workforce and learn how to be an independent adult. As a parent, you may wish to cast a magic spell that gives your child the ability to learn independently. It makes [...]

23 Aug, 2021

Can Video Games Boost Your Child’s Potential

2022-10-08T16:11:23-05:00Monday, August 23, 2021|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Student Health|

There's a lot of talk about how video games distract students from their work. Some people go as far as to say that teenagers should be kept away from gaming or have it strictly limited. What we don't talk about is the positive aspects of video games. In moderation, video gaming can, in fact, be good for [...]

18 Aug, 2021

The 4 Critical Things Your Child Really Needs to Start the School Year Right

2021-08-18T06:49:42-05:00Wednesday, August 18, 2021|Education Info, Learning Environment, Learning Strategies|

The beginning of the school year is one of the most important times of the year. Those initial days can set your child up for success and prepare them to address the challenges ahead of them. Alternatively, they can leave them in a downward spiral that will make it difficult for them to meet their [...]

9 Aug, 2021

5 Tips for Getting Your Child Ready for Middle School

2021-08-09T07:44:00-05:00Monday, August 9, 2021|Learning Environment|

The transition from elementary to middle school can be incredibly overwhelming for your child. It can invoke a wealth of emotions, from anxiety over meeting new teachers and students to excitement over purchasing new clothing and supplies. Additionally, they have to deal with increased homework, the responsibility to navigate from one class to the next [...]

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