26 Oct, 2018

Is a Private School Right for our Family?


As the summer is wrapping up, you may be thinking about the school year looming in the near future. The thought of the children heading back to school may fill you with excitement or trepidation depending on how satisfied you are with their school experience. The school years are some of the most important, yet [...]

Is a Private School Right for our Family?2018-10-26T09:40:51-05:00
19 Oct, 2018

Freshman College Application Jitters? Consider Sophomore Admission


Finding the Right College Gearing up for college may seem like a monumental task. With all of the universities flooding your mailbox with their recruiting efforts, placing applications for the schools of choice, and posturing yourself for the financial investment, students may wonder, "What if it isn't enough? There is only one valedictorian per class. [...]

Freshman College Application Jitters? Consider Sophomore Admission2018-10-19T10:09:29-05:00
15 Oct, 2018

Should Teachers Be Giving Zeros?


A big red zero in the grade book typically means only one thing: a student has failed to turn in an assignment. Giving zeros for classwork that wasn’t turned in on time is the typical response of most teachers to a student who has failed to complete the necessary work. Zeros, however, can [...]

Should Teachers Be Giving Zeros?2021-01-14T10:48:06-06:00
12 Oct, 2018

Open House, November 6th | 10am-1pm


The Tenney School is excited to announce that we will have an Open House this year on November 6th (Election Day).  The best way to appreciate the value of our one-to-one education is to see it in action.  After you vote, come visit us on November 6th to see "The Power of One" Tenney School [...]

Open House, November 6th | 10am-1pm2018-10-12T14:46:02-05:00
5 Oct, 2018

Protecting Your Children: What You Need to Know About Vaping


Are you young enough to remember what it was like to be a teenager?  If you do, you also remember that you were excited about your future, probably worked hard in school to make that dream a reality, and probably did some things you now wish you could take back—like engaging in one or more [...]

Protecting Your Children: What You Need to Know About Vaping2018-10-05T14:03:50-05:00
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