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30 Nov, 2020

How to Prepare for Final Exams: Tips to Help You Succeed

2020-11-30T08:09:08-06:00Monday, November 30, 2020|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Testing Strategies|

With finals right around the corner, it is important that students take steps to ensure that they are properly prepared. The fact is that final exams are not just any test, as they are meant to assess your understanding of materials covered throughout the semester. Furthermore, these exams are often heavily weighted and can mean [...]

14 Nov, 2020

Study Finds Only 27% of Middle & High School Students Proficient in Writing: How to Make Sure Your Child Excels

2020-11-14T11:00:51-06:00Saturday, November 14, 2020|Education Info, Learning Strategies|

The ability to communicate through the written word represents one of the central tenets of a good education. Yet, students in the United States, from grade school to seniors in high school, fall short when it comes to writing proficiency. NAEP or National Report Card represents the most comprehensive ongoing assessment tool for all topics. The [...]

10 Nov, 2020

What Will the Long-Term Effects of Covid-19, Good or Bad, Be On Our School Systems?

2020-11-10T07:58:17-06:00Tuesday, November 10, 2020|Education Info, Learning Environment, Parents|

There is no question whether COVID-19 has had a huge impact on school systems worldwide, and it will have a lasting effect on schools and learning for a long time to come. Of course, the Coronavirus isn’t the first disaster to significantly impact teaching institutions, but this is the first time in history that all [...]

9 Nov, 2020

How High School Students Can Recover Class Credits Before Graduation

2020-11-09T08:02:21-06:00Monday, November 9, 2020|Customized Curriculum, Education Info|

The high school's structured system designs a linear march through. Uninterrupted, most students will have all the classes they need to graduate. Of course, not all student experiences are predictable or uninterrupted. Many students miss or fail classes due to events and stress in their life. Even after normalcy returns, you still need to recover [...]

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