13 Apr, 2021

Why Your Child Needs a Summer Job


When summer arrives, most parents are confused about whether to get their kids a summer job or not. Keeping your child away from social media and bad company can be a daunting task without the right strategy. A summer job might be the key to ensuring your child remains active and busy. Your child isn't [...]

Why Your Child Needs a Summer Job2021-04-12T08:24:35-05:00
12 Apr, 2021

TenneyTube Episode 8: Credit Recovery


TenneyTube is a series of videos about common issues for middle and high school students. Episode 8 is about credit recovery. In our expereince, it is almost always better for middle and high school students to develop a plan to recover credits over time than to repeat a grade. Students can use summer school, an [...]

TenneyTube Episode 8: Credit Recovery2021-04-12T07:22:38-05:00
9 Apr, 2021

The High-Risk Status of High-Achieving Students


Aiming high is a priority for many families that want to secure a future for their children, and some try to get their foot in the door in high-ranking schools as early as possible. Such schools are difficult to get into and even more difficult to pass. So not all are going to get in [...]

The High-Risk Status of High-Achieving Students2021-04-09T17:09:54-05:00
5 Apr, 2021

Fully Flexible Summer Courses


Summer School may be just what your child needs to get back on track after a year of pandemic learning.  For 2021, we have decided to increase the flexibility for familes looking to enroll in sumemr courses: Course scheduling is flexible. Register for any 3 weeks to complete a semester course. Courses can be taken [...]

Fully Flexible Summer Courses2021-04-05T14:39:30-05:00
5 Apr, 2021

Will Students and Teachers Be Wearing Masks in Fall 2021?


Now that there is a coronavirus vaccine, people are becoming cautiously optimistic about their lives going forward. Most of us have been working from home, and kids have been learning remotely throughout the pandemic. With an available vaccine, it's possible that kids will return to school in fall 2021. But will they still have to [...]

Will Students and Teachers Be Wearing Masks in Fall 2021?2021-04-05T08:05:35-05:00
3 Apr, 2021

7 Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring


Getting an education is an integral part of becoming a successful adult. Some students struggle with learning in a classroom and need to be taught a different way. This is where tutoring comes in. One-on-one tutoring can be beneficial in many ways. One-on-One Tutoring Is Less Distracting A classroom can be an incredibly distracting environment [...]

7 Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring2021-04-03T08:46:23-05:00
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