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21 Feb, 2023

Year-Round Schools vs Traditional Schools: Pros and Cons

2023-03-01T11:25:00-06:00Tuesday, February 21, 2023|Education Info|

The education landscape is changing, and the debate rages on. Should we continue with traditional schools or switch to a year-round system? There are pros and cons associated with both, but ultimately the decision rests in the hands of parents, teachers, and school boards responsible for educating our children. Weighing out both sides can [...]

14 Feb, 2023

Stay Safe Online With These Internet Safety Tips

2023-02-21T08:09:19-06:00Tuesday, February 14, 2023|Learning Environment|

Internet usage is up, with over 5.16 billion users as of January 2023. This represents 64.4% of the global population.  There are numerous ways you can use the internet. For instance, find information, manage your finances, communicate with people worldwide, and watch videos.  However, some risks come with internet usage. This includes identity theft, [...]

7 Feb, 2023

Use a Three-Tiered Approach to Keep Your Family Safe Online

2023-05-24T12:37:03-05:00Tuesday, February 7, 2023|Learning Environment|

It's important to ensure that our children are safe when they are online. Parents should be aware of the risks associated with children using the internet and take steps to protect them from harm. There are many ways to ensure that children have access to useful resources while also respecting their privacy. Here are [...]

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