6 Jan, 2021

Did Coronavirus Set Back Your Kid’s Education? – How Tutoring Can Bridge Their Learning Gaps 


Has the Coronavirus crisis impacted your child or teen's learning? To be fair, it would probably be more of a surprise if it hadn’t. It seems almost all facets of life got interrupted in some way this year by the turbulence of the Coronavirus. Some much worse than others. It might be normal during school [...]

Did Coronavirus Set Back Your Kid’s Education? – How Tutoring Can Bridge Their Learning Gaps 2021-01-06T13:59:47-06:00
16 Dec, 2020

The Sad News About STAAR Testing in 2021


The Texas Education Association has decided to administer the STAAR this year.  That saddens me not just for the students who will spend the spring semester preparing for it but also for the over-stressed teachers who have worked tirelessly to get students where they need to be this year after losing so much of spring [...]

The Sad News About STAAR Testing in 20212020-12-16T15:38:48-06:00
28 Oct, 2020

Is Private School Worth the Cost?


Starting school is a major milestone in a child’s (and parent’s!) life. Some families may be set in their decision on where to have their children attend school, but others may be on the fence. The options used to be fairly simple, but things are not so simple anymore. Parents can pursue the [...]

Is Private School Worth the Cost?2021-01-21T12:25:17-06:00
6 Apr, 2020

Online Learning: The Benefits of Tenney School Live!


We anticipated a difficult transition to distance learning, but it turns out to be much better than we imagined. In just two weeks, the Tenney School has learned about the staff and students that make up this resilient institution. The obstacles that distance learning would create seemed to be bigger than the benefits, however that’s [...]

Online Learning: The Benefits of Tenney School Live!2020-06-02T14:58:23-05:00
20 Aug, 2019

Getting Organized for Back to School Season


The end of summer will be here in the blink of an eye. As the school year begins, you need an organization strategy that will help keep you and your family on track--including the tools you need to handle school, after school activities, appointments, and more. Are you ready to get organized for back to [...]

Getting Organized for Back to School Season2019-08-22T10:31:10-05:00
21 Mar, 2019

Tenney School Scholarships


We are proud to offer an opportunity for students to apply for The Tenney School Scholarship for the 2019-2020 school year.  The purpose of The Tenney School Scholarship is to provide financial assistance, in the form of reduced tuition, to deserving students.  While the primary criteria for scholarship awards will be need-based, significant consideration will [...]

Tenney School Scholarships2019-03-21T16:45:11-05:00
27 Apr, 2018

How Small Schools Benefit the Child With ADHD


Your children's education is one of the most important parts of their life. You want your child to be successful because it paves the way for a rewarding future. Of course, every family has their own definition of what constitutes success. Some parents may be more concerned with grades than others are. But one thing [...]

How Small Schools Benefit the Child With ADHD2018-04-27T07:26:19-05:00
9 Mar, 2018

New Parent Testimonial-March 2018


The Tenney School is a very different learning environment.  Watch this New Parent Testimonial to get a sense of how enrolling a child at The Tenney School makes life different for a parent. https://youtu.be/d5RdfftvuDo?list=PLWrEKET0tyHIgWa5QKZapV5omcKQv9Xq1

New Parent Testimonial-March 20182018-03-09T19:52:24-06:00
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