29 Sep, 2016

Goldfish and Students Now Have More in Common


Research now shows the human attention span is shorter than a goldfish.  This is not good news for teachers.  In 2000, the start of the smart phone era, the average attention span was measured 12 seconds.  In 2015, our attention span was measured at 8.25 seconds.  This is 0.75 seconds shorter than the attention span [...]

Goldfish and Students Now Have More in Common2016-09-29T14:35:54-05:00
23 Sep, 2016

Why Can Independent Schools Be Better than Public Schools?


If you have kids who are school age, you know that there is constant discussion about public schools and its alternatives.  Have you wondered what the difference is between public and independent schools?  Let's go over them: Curriculum In public schools, who sets the curriculum?  The National Center for Education Statistics said, even back in [...]

Why Can Independent Schools Be Better than Public Schools?2017-05-18T17:39:16-05:00
19 Sep, 2016

Why Choose a Private School?


Why choose a private school?  This is a fundamental question every parent must ask and answer for their child.  Though a private school may be better for your child, is it worth the extra expense?  Public schools are free.  Do the benefits of private school justify the expense?  This is a very personal question that [...]

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13 Sep, 2016

Coin Drive


For the month of September, The Tenney School will be conducting a Coin Drive.  Proceeds from the Coin Drive will benefit the Louisiana residents affected by recent flooding.  Please bring your coins to school to support our neighbors to the east.

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8 Sep, 2016

Four Core Values of Independent Schools


Many public schools are experiencing a radical surge in challenges that effect not only the students, but entire families.   Statistics reveal a sad and shocking truth.  Between the years 2013-14, approximately 35 states within the US experienced sharp budget cuts that lowered funding per-student.  Surveys further reveal that although some states increased their school's [...]

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5 Sep, 2016

7 Tips For Managing ADD and ADHD in the Classroom


ADD and ADHD are on the rise in America with more school-aged children then ever before receiving a diagnosis. The statistics are impossible to ignore. According to the CDC, 11% of children between the ages of 4 and 17 were diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in 2011. That was up from 9.5% in 2007, and 7.8% in [...]

7 Tips For Managing ADD and ADHD in the Classroom2017-05-18T17:39:16-05:00
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