27 Jul, 2017

Repeating a Grade: It’s Not Worth It


Summer is quickly coming to an end, and many parents find themselves facing a difficult choice: should they move their child forward into the next grade, or should they hold them back? In some cases, repeating a grade may be recommended by the school on the grounds of the child’s social or academic performance. In [...]

Repeating a Grade: It’s Not Worth It2021-03-29T17:03:35-05:00
24 Jul, 2017

The Advantages Small Schools Can Provide


Countless studies have shown the benefits smaller schools, and smaller class sizes can provide students with. However, budget cuts in recent years have led to public schools becoming more overcrowded than ever before. In such times of overcrowding in public schools, small private schools can prove to be a great alternative for many families looking for a [...]

The Advantages Small Schools Can Provide2017-07-17T12:42:20-05:00
19 Jul, 2017

The Key Education Issues Facing Adopted Students


Every parent wants their child to experience academic success. Some children, however, have more challenges than others--and the educational concerns of adopted children deserve a little special attention. Adopted children often come into their studies behind their peers. They might not have had the same opportunities prior to their adoption, or they might be struggling with emotional [...]

The Key Education Issues Facing Adopted Students2017-07-17T12:32:27-05:00
17 Jul, 2017

VLOG #10: Foundation High School Program Explained


The Class of 2018 will be the first full class to graduate under the Foundation High School Program enacted by Texas in 2013.  Since inception, this new graduation plan has created a great deal of confusion.  This VLOG attempts to give a simplified explanation of the features of the new graduation plan. We created this [...]

VLOG #10: Foundation High School Program Explained2017-07-18T18:07:05-05:00
13 Jul, 2017

5 Common Struggles of Gifted and Talented Students


Gifted and talented students are often the envy of their peers and naturally succeed in an academic setting. However, these gifts are not without their pitfalls. Exceptional students need emotional and social support to make sure they take care of themselves as well as reach their maximum potential. These needs can sometimes fall through [...]

5 Common Struggles of Gifted and Talented Students2021-03-29T17:00:12-05:00
10 Jul, 2017

Customized Curriculum: How Personalized Learning Can Benefit Your Child


No two people are the same. We see this principle clearly in the great variety of students that grace our classrooms. We see one student picking up a liking for history, and another student showing talent in music. Everyone learns differently and achieves differently. If this is empirically true, why do schools continue to teach [...]

Customized Curriculum: How Personalized Learning Can Benefit Your Child2020-09-28T09:27:29-05:00
1 Jul, 2017

Teaching as a “Robot-Proof” Profession


In recent years, much has been made over the fact that automation has caused a great deal of job loss, including the loss of the middle class in America. Many skilled labor jobs are slowly being replaced by automation, leaving a workforce made up of either highly skilled (and highly paid) professionals or lower skilled service workers [...]

Teaching as a “Robot-Proof” Profession2017-07-01T12:26:07-05:00
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