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We live in a different world today than we did just a few months ago.  The patterns and decisions of our lives has changed so dramatically, things we once thought were highly unlikely and unnecessary are now normal and wise.  For many students, 2020 may be the summer to consider summer school. I wanted to lay out 3 reasons why summer school may be something wise to consider in 2020.

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  1. Many schools did not transition well to online learning this spring. While some schools were able to make a smooth transition, many large diverse schools simply did not have the resources in place to continue to make academic progress after the COVID-19 stay at home order. Students will eventually face consequences for academic progress not made in the spring semester. Taking a summer course this year will allow students to make up for some of the progress lost in the spring semester.
  2. The summer of 2020 may be the right time to get ahead for next school year. Without a vaccine to protect our population, schools and students will face challenges to normal operation for the foreseeable future. Schools are preparing for 100% in-person learning, 100% online learning, and hybrid learning. Some schools will implement solutions to handle this well, other schools will struggle to find a solution which works well with this reality. Students can protect themselves from slow academic progress next school year by taking courses this summer.
  3. Students face changes to summer plans and summer school may be something to consider to fill the gap. The majority of summer camps have cancelled or delayed summer programs. Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 put summer vacation plans in jeopardy. With many adults out of work, students are going to find the prospects for summer employment limited.  With some of our normal summer plans at risk, summer school may be a wise replacement for previously planned activities.

For these reasons, I believe 2020 may be the perfect time for students to consider summer school.

Visit our home page for more info on Tenney Summer Programs, or go directly to our Summer School Registration Page.

For those deciding the time is right for summer courses, The Tenney School has a safe summer program scheduled to start June 10th. Most of our summer courses are taught in a classroom with one teacher and one student, making the program highly tailored to the individual student needs.  We have teachers available to work with students in all core subjects.  In addition to English, science, history and math, we have staff available to work with students one-to-one in Spanish or Music. For families looking for a more economical alternative, we are offering a small group Art program this summer.

Students can take courses safely in-person or use our “industry best” online learning solution called Tenney School Live. Courses can also be taken for enrichment, or for high school credit.

For those of you ready to consider a summer course this summer, visit our summer school registration page to sign up today.

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