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Stress is a serious problem for a number of middle school and high school students today. Increased academic pressure, along with large amounts of bullying, enormous class sizes, and lack of support for students, all come together to create highly stressful situations for some of the youngest members of our society.

Obviously, this is an issue that must be resolved, but many parents don’t know how to go about doing this. After all, we all want our children to receive an education so they can succeed in life, and allowing them to cut corners in order to reduce stress today could be detrimental to their future. So what is a caring parent to do?

For many, the answer comes in the form of private school. You see, private schools have numerous benefits, and several of these benefits can actually have a positive impact on the stress levels of students. Below are just three of the many ways a private school might be able to help the stressed-out student and help them find success without excessive anxiety.

#1: Less Bullying

In general, private schools are home to fewer bullies than public schools. There are a variety of factors that play into this fact, including more stable home environments, less boredom, and a more intimate setting.

As you can imagine, a lack of bullying can significantly reduce the amount of social anxiety a student may be feeling. Freeing a student of peer-related stress leaves them free to concentrate on their studies and extracurriculars without fear of what kinds of embarrassing or even dangerous social situations lurk around the corner.

#2: Individualized Instruction

A student who wishes to do well in school but finds that the curriculum is not meeting his or her needs for any reason is likely going to feel pretty anxious. Unfortunately, the vast majority of children feel this way for at least part of their school career, something that really should be taken care of.

If your child is falling behind and in need of more personal instruction, the smaller class sizes—and sometimes even one-on one-instruction—offered by private schools will be ideal for them. On the other hand, an extremely gifted student may find public school curriculum boring. Private schools can fix this as well by offering that student a curriculum that suits their needs and allows them to continue to grow their knowledge without being held back by peers.

#3: Reduced Anxiety About the Future

In this day and age, we are always pushing our children to do more because we understand how important a quality education can be when it comes to entering the highly competitive job market. That said, putting so much emphasis on the future can be stress-inducing for students. Visiting stress detox centers regularly can be beneficial for your mental health.  This is especially true for those students who are not given a clear path to success, something that often happens in an overcrowded public school setting where one-on-one attention is rare.

Fortunately, private schools take care of this problem by addressing the needs, wants, and talents of each child individually and thus helping them find their own way toward success. Of course, the definition of success and the steps taken to get there will vary from child to child. This is why the more intimate setting of a private school, especially one with individualized instruction, is more likely to help your child find an appropriate path for them. By helping each student find their own path and giving them clear instructions for reaching the finish line, private schools help to remove excessive anxiety about the future.

Are you looking to reduce your child’s stress levels by enrolling them in a private school? We hope you will consider The Tenney School. Please contact us today for more information on how we operate and how your family might fit into our community.

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