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High school is a wonderful time of your life and one that can be a really awesome experience for you. However, one thing that can bring you down is the silly myths that have been going around for years. These myths are not true at all. Often, they make it seem like your high school experience isn’t what it should be. Here are five of the biggest high school myths that you will hear.

Only Popular Kids Have Fun According to the High School Myths

One myth that definitely isn’t true is that only the popular kids can have fun in high school. This is a myth that couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter what your popularity status is in high school, you can have a great experience. What is most important is to have good friends, involvement in extracurriculars, and enjoy the opportunities that come your way.

Everyone Has an Awesome Car

Another myth that has been passed down for years is that everyone in high school has an awesome car to drive. The movies have furthered this myth by showing rich kids driving the classiest cars into the school parking lot. Thankfully, this is a myth that couldn’t be further from the truth. While some kids do have fairly nice cars, the majority of students have modest cars that run well. In all honesty, having a car of your own in high school is a great thing.

Appearance Is the Key to Acceptance 

Some people seem to think that how you look is everything, and if you don’t look a certain way, then you aren’t going to be accepted. Thankfully, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, you can look however you want in high school. This is an important part of discovering who you are, what your personal style is, and what you want to express through what you wear. You need to realize that those who accept you for how you look are the people that you want to be around, and those who don’t accept you, are not.

Grades Are the Most Important Thing 

While grades are very important in high school, they are definitely not the most important thing of all. There is so much more to high school than your grades, and if this is all that you focus on, then you are going to miss out on a lot of the other great aspects of high school. These things include friends, extracurricular activities, dances, school events, dating, and more. These things help you to become a well-rounded individual. You can also do all of these and still achieve the good grades that you desire.

These Are the Best Years of Your Life 

You may hear a lot of people say that your years in high school are the best years of your entire life. However, this actually isn’t true. While these are important and memorable years of your life that you should enjoy, the best years are definitely yet to come. So knowing this, it is important to keep perspective while in high school. Enjoy this time, the freedom, the friendships, and the carefree feelings that you have. Keep in mind that you have a lot of great years ahead and you want to prepare well for the future.

Don’t Believe Any of These High School Myths

While there are a lot of myths surrounding high school, there are also a lot of truths. High school can be a great experience for you, learn to be true to who you are, get involved, become a well-rounded person, and enjoy these years while still preparing for the future. To learn more about how awesome high school can be, visit us at The Tenney School.

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